Alert Precision and reduction

MixMode AI can help reduce security alerts by up to 95% over a traditional rules back cybersecurity system like a SIEM.


Reduce False Positive and False Negative Security Alerts by 90%

On average organizations spend $1.3 million, or 21,000 hours of wasted time, investigating false positive and negative security alerts. MixMode's AI can filter out the noise and surface only alerts that truly matter allowing your security team to focus and take action on real threats.

95% Alert Reduction VS Other Tools

According to McAfee, 32% of security teams ignore alerts completely because of the overwhelming volume that come across their systems. Using our best-in-class Cyber AI, MixMode can reduce that volume by 90% allowing your team to take action on the alerts that matter.

Unsupervised Learning

A typical AI takes around 18 months to understand the nuances of a network and provide value in the identification of anomalies and alert reduction. MixMode's Third Wave Unsupervised AI, can learn about your network, create an evolving baseline, and start reducing alerts in as little as 7 days. MixMode also learns unsupervised by human input and requires no tuning or input of rules.

Integration with Your Stack

Alert overload is a problem with almost every tool in a SOC. MixMode's AI is modular and can be integrated with your SIEM or other security tools to provide alert reduction and precision to cut out the noise and make your data actionable.

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AI Powered Alert Precision & Reduction

MixMode is a third-wave AI driven Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform helping security teams all over the world monitor their network traffic in real time to shore up the gap in their security posture. Understanding that logs and end point detection toolsets only go so far, confirming and visualizing the path of an attack via the network will significantly reduce dwell time by giving immediate actionable alerts from the wire. Our context-aware, third-wave AI engine is helping teams identify anomalous behavior for Zero Day events.

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