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The (Recent) History of Self-Supervised Learning

By Christian Wiens | July 7, 2020

Real unsupervised AI spots security issues sooner and predicts future behavior more accurately than older first- and second-wave solutions. Self-supervised AI technology draws on an understanding of the fundamental nature of the network where it lives, an understanding that isn’t possible with supervised-AI.

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Guide: The Next Generation SOC Tool Stack – The Convergence of SIEM, NDR and NTA

By Christian Wiens | June 30, 2020

Traditional security vendors offering solutions like SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) are overpromising on analytics while also requiring massive spend on basic log storage, incremental analytics, maintenance costs, and supporting resources.

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Redefining the Definition of “Baseline” in Cybersecurity

By Christian Wiens | June 25, 2020

While many security solution providers promise to protect your network by establishing a baseline of your network behavior, the definition of “baseline” can vary widely.

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MixMode CTO Responds to Self-Supervised AI Hopes

By Ana Mezic | June 23, 2020

Yann LeCun and Yoshua Bengio were recently interviewed by VentureBeat Magazine on the topics of self-supervised learning and human-level intelligence for AI. Our CTO Dr. Igor Mezic sat down with our team to discuss some of the most interesting pieces of the LeCun article, and offer a potential solution to a search for truly self-supervised …

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Why Training Matters – And How Adversarial AI Takes Advantage of It

By Christian Wiens | June 18, 2020

The following is an excerpt from our recently published whitepaper, “Self-Supervised Learning – AI for Complex Network Security.” The author, Dr. Peter Stephenson, is a cybersecurity and digital forensics expert having practiced in the security, forensics and digital investigation fields for over 55 years.  Section 4 – Why Training Matters – And How The Adversary …

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New Video: How is MixMode Different From Today’s Network Security Tools?

By Christian Wiens | June 16, 2020

With MixMode in the center of a program, we will make all the other security investments that you’ve made, better. So when you send data to your SIEM, when you send data to your SOAR, you don’t want those products to be overwhelmed with false positive alerts, with data you don’t need.

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Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, Oh My!

By Christian Wiens | June 11, 2020

Deep learning makes decisions based upon the data it sees and the data that it doesn’t see but infers from what it does see. This became useful in the AV industry when the adversary introduced polymorphic viruses. These are viruses that change their appearance on the fly and not always in the same way.

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4 Challenges of Stand-Alone SIEM Platforms

By Christian Wiens | June 9, 2020

While SIEM is undoubtedly a step up from unmonitored network environments, the inherent nature of today’s SIEM software often falls short in several important ways. SIEM is an outdated solution for adequately protecting networks within the modern threatscape.

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Whitepaper: Self-Supervised Learning – AI For Complex Network Security

By Christian Wiens | June 4, 2020

Artificial Intelligence – or AI – has become a buzzword since it emerged in the 1950s. However, all AI systems are not created equal. In our white paper, “Self-Supervised Learning – AI For Complex Network Security,” Dr. Peter Stephenson explains the different “waves” of artificial intelligence. He uses the DARPA definitions for each of these …

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Encryption = Privacy ≠ Security

By Russell Gray | June 2, 2020

For the past few years, many have been talking about the changing “threat landscape” as it pertains to the increase in zero day, insider and phishing threats. While all of these threats are on the rise, and constitute a concern, there is, perhaps, an even larger shift presenting a threat to enterprises – the shift …

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About MixMode

MixMode is the first to bring a third-wave, context-aware AI approach that automatically learns and adapts to dynamically changing environments. MixMode’s monitoring platform, PacketSled, better understands network behavior as it adapts to baseline changes and enables both misuse detection and anomaly detection, as well as predictive maintenance. Used by enterprises and MSSPs for real-time network analysis, threat hunting and incident response, the platform leverages continuous stream monitoring and retrospection to provide network forensics and security analytics. Security teams can integrate PacketSled into their orchestration engine, SIEM, or use PacketSled independently to dramatically reduce false positive alerts and the resources required to respond to persistent threats, malware, insider attacks and nation state espionage efforts.

The company has been named an innovator in leading publications and by security analysts, including SC Magazine, earning a finalist award in 2018 and 2019 for "Best Computer Forensic Solution.” Based in Santa Barbara, with offices in San Diego, the company is backed by Keshif Ventures and Blu Venture Investors. For case studies, continuous product updates and industry news, please visit us at www.mixmode.ai.