One platform for complete visibility

Use one platform to fill gaps in your network visibility and Threat Hunting capability. Don’t let your internal network be a black box. With PacketSled you can see everything happening in your network via full packet capture and rich visualizations. PacketSled can be up, running and delivering value in your environment within minutes.

PacketSled is the missing piece in your Security Strategy:

  • Network Visibility, Threat Hunting and Incident Response in one platform

  • Netflow, deep packet inspection and full packet capture

  • Integrates seamlessly with your SIEM and other security products

  • Continuous monitoring and full packet capture - with retrospection

  • Support for risk management

  • Force multiplier: Find the issues fast and with fewer resources

  • Automate creation, modification and dissemination of knowledge to all analysts

  • Our threat intel feeds integrated with your own

  • See threats where endpoint solutions end and IOT, healthcare and non-malware attacks begin

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PacketSled vs. Standard IDS

PacketSled is an IDS on steroids. We consume contextual network data and we enrich it, providing context and visualizations. Our vendor-agnostic approach to integrations via robust API means easy integration with popular SIEM solutions and other elements of your security stack.

PacketSled vs. Standard IPS

PacketSled is a passive, intelligent consumer of data, designed to identify threats fast. For preventative controls, our customers leverage their firewalls.

Support for Risk Management

Risk management starts with awareness — and it's the threats you don't see that create risk you can't manage. PacketSled's network visibility platform and risk assessment offerings will shine a light on the dark parts of your network, delivering a holistic view that enables you to hunt the threats that matter most and manage your true risk.

Why let your internal network be a black box? Privacy and data protection are top priorities. Know where data is stored and who accesses it. Identify third parties with risky activity. Detect data leaks. Validate that the protections you rely on are actually working. And if you do get breached, leverage PacketSled as a first responder, to mitigate losses quickly and provide data to support your compliance obligations.

All-software, continuous network monitoring