Deep Forensic Investigation

MixMode provides security teams with the increased visibility and powerful tools they need for thorough real-time and retrospective investigation.


Automated Threat Hunting with MixMode

MixMode's platform provides top of the line forensic investigation capabilities. With full packet capture and file extraction, security teams can proactively hunt for malicious events in their environments along with the help of MixMode's patented AI and threat detection platform.

Full Hybrid Platform

Full packet capture with file extraction, deep packets inspection, and the ability to query metadata or full packets via the MixMode Network Data Recorder.

Single Source of Truth

Full visibility over all traffic traversing your network and SaaS based platforms like Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

Automated Threat Hunting

Harness your domain knowledge by automating your threat hunting queries with our User Defined Rules functionality.

Extensible API

MixMode’s powerful API gives users the ability to push, pull, and query data from any source like SIEM, Firewall, Endpoint, as well as ingest your own threat intelligence.

Full Forensics Copy

MixMode will retain a forensic copy of all network metadata for as long as your enterprise needs to support root cause analysis.

65+ Protocols

MixMode provides access to 65+ protocols yielding forensic level data on thousands of devices & applications.


AI-Powered Forensic Investigations

MixMode's natural language queries enable security teams to search like they think and hunt threats across all observed data in seconds, whether an event happened five minutes ago or five months ago. Interactive visualizations give users the ability to see and drill into the relationships between threats and the evidence that supports them.

With continuous AI powered monitoring users have the ability to detect and alert on previously undiscovered threatsas new intelligence emerges and continually monitor their network risk profile. MixMode democratizes expert capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats.

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