Predictive Network Traffic Analysis

Complete visibility over your network traffic, predictive threat detection, real-time zero day attack identification powered by MixMode's Unsupervised Third Wave AI.


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Identify, Investigate, and Respond to Threats in real time with predictive network traffic analysis

Automated Threat Identification

MixMode's Network Security Monitoring platform provides comprehensive visibility allowing users to easily identify threats in real time with Full Packet Capture and Metadata for longer term storage.

Deep Visibility & Investigation

Intuitive UI and easy to use query language help any security analyst perform deep investigations and understand the full lifecycle of threats and network anomalies.

Zero-Day Attack Identificaiton

Using our best-in-class Third-Wave AI, MixMode intelligently identifies Zero-Day Attacks in real time by understanding normal network behavior and intelligently surfacing any anomalous activity outside of the norm.

Powerful Patented Third-Wave AI

Developed for projects at DARPA and the DoD, MixMode's Third-Wave AI needs no human training and can baseline your network in only 7 days, enabling 95% alert precision and reduction and identification of zero-day attacks.


MixMode Automated Threat Detection

The MixMode Network Detection and Response Platform provides operators with full visibility over the network and the tools to perform deep forensic investigations while intelligently monitoring your network's baseline to identify and surface new threats and anomalous activity.

MixMode monitors patterns in your network for odd behavior constantly, alerting users to any abnormality in the pattern of the network baseline allowing users to identifying new threats and Zero-Day Attacks in real time.

MixMode provides users with IDS (leveraging Bro/Zeek), digital forensic investigation capabilities, full packet capture, time travel for playback of events, incident response and more.

Complete Network Visibility, Smarter Investigation, Predictive Detection

Network Forensics & Analytics

With the use of threat intelligence attack detection and behavioral analysis, MixMode gives you visibility and prioritized actions for your team to mitigate risk.

Zero Day Attack Identification

By understanding new network conditions, observing all information and detecting any unusual behavior, MixMode constantly adapts to evolving security conditions for zero day detection of security events.

Full packet capture

Full forensic packet capture allows you to monitor and intercept all data packets crossing your network in real-time and are stored, ready for deep packet inspection.

Deep packet inspection

Keep a forensic record of all network traffic to not only identify attack sources quickly but also "replay" the traffic to see other vulnerable areas of infection.

Flexible Integrations

Offload data into SIEMs, orchestration engines and ticketing systems. We integrate with market-leading SIEM partners and service providers that you already partner with in your Operations Center.

90% Alert Reduction

Reduce your false positives by 90%. MixMode provides you with an ongoing, custom network baseline that informs our technology as to what is an alert and what is not.


Whether you are an MSSP managing a portfolio of customers or an enterprise with disparate divisions or subsidiary organizations, multi-tenancy allows you to have a single view across all of your organizations without the need to co-mingle data.

Layer 2-7 Visibility

MixMode provides deep network visibility and monitors for Layers 2 through 7 of the OSI model to ensure you never miss a potential threat.

Flexibility of architecture

Choose your deployment strategy: cloud, on-premise or a hybrid version, with your choice of investigative depth, either NetFlow data, Full Packet Capture or Deep Packet Inspection.

Deep integration with your security stack

In order to identify and take action as quickly as possible when an attack is happening, it's extremely important to ensure full integration across your security toolkit.

Using our robust API, you can seamlessly integrate with your security stack with MixMode by offloading data into SIEMs, orchestration engines and ticketing systems.

We integrate with market-leading tools like Splunk, ServiceNow, LogRhythm, Demisto, ConnectWise, Pager Duty and more.


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