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Designed with your business model in mind:

  • Integrate PacketSled data seamlessly into your existing tools to manage customers effectively

  • Validate technical controls and support client risk management

  • Identify threats in real time, with persistent threats identified within 48 hours

  • View multiple customer behaviors simultaneously and focus your energy on Threat Hunting

  • Build value-add Network Visibility, Threat Hunting and Incident Response capabilities, to deliver across multiple use cases and verticals

  • Easy integration with SIEMs and other solutions – plus more integrations added regularly

Support for Risk Management

Risk management starts with awareness — and it's the threats you don't see that create risk you can't manage. PacketSled's network visibility platform and risk assessment offerings will shine a light on the dark parts of your network, delivering a holistic view that enables you to hunt the threats that matter most and manage your true risk.

Why let your internal network be a black box? Privacy and data protection are top priorities. Know where data is stored and who accesses it. Identify third parties with risky activity. Detect data leaks. Validate that the protections you rely on are actually working. And if you do get breached, leverage PacketSled as a first responder, to mitigate losses quickly and provide data to support your compliance obligations.

100% software

No need to buy an appliance – PacketSled is 100% software-based.

Packetsled Ui

All-software, continuous network monitoring