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Learn how MixMode can 20X the efficiency of your SOC
with AI-Powered Network Traffic Analysis.


Complete Visibility, AI-Powered Threat Detection, and Network Behavior Analysis

Create a dynamic network behavior baseline and automate threat discovery, investigation, and response with AI-Powered Network Traffic Analysis.

  • 7 Days to Network Baseline & ROI
  • Self-Supervised Third-Wave AI
  • Predictive Threat and Anomaly Identification
  • 20x SOC productivity gain
  • 95% False Positive Alert Reduction
  • Full Packet Capture
  • Automated Threat Hunting

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“MixMode starts learning from the first five minutes it is deployed, does not require historical data, and is constantly adapting actively to the dynamic changes in massive amounts of network data.”

Ritu Jyoti, VP of AI Research