Predictive Threat Detection

Using powerful AI enabled security monitoring MixMode identifies anomalous activity and pinpoints threats in real time


Predict Threats Before They Compromise Your Network

MixMode's best-in-class AI monitors your network constantly, identifying patterns and creating a baseline of network behavior. This allows MixMode to pinpoint anomalous activity and automatically detect and surface threats in real time that you may have otherwise missed.


MixMode's AI creates and monitors an evolving baseline of your normal network behavior in only 7 days by intelligently observing network traffic and understanding what normal network conditions looks like based on a variety of conditions.


MixMode's understanding of your network constantly evolves without any need for human tuning. This allows MixMode to identify and surface new deviations from the set monitoring baseline, and quickly determine if a threat is present in order to to alert security personnel.


Combining custom AI driven alerts with known threat intelligence, and layering in best-in-class threat hunting tooling, MixMode allows your security team to quickly react to new threats and Zero-Day Attacks before catastrophic damage can be done.


AI Powered Threat Detection

MixMode is a third-wave AI driven Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) platform helping security teams all over the world monitor their network traffic in real time to shore up the gap in their security posture. Understanding that logs and end point detection toolsets only go so far, confirming and visualizing the path of an attack via the network will significantly reduce dwell time by giving immediate actionable alerts from the wire. Our context-aware, third-wave AI engine is helping teams identify anomalous behavior for Zero Day events.

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