Cloud-Native Security
At the Speed of AI

Detect, identify and prevent threats in any environment. Autonomous cybersecurity powered by self-learning AI.


What is MixMode?

MixMode is a next-generation cloud-native threat and anomaly detection platform for high-volume data feeds that utilizes self-learning AI to identify advanced threats in any environment. MixMode can detect the full spectrum of known threats as well as unknown and never-before-seen threats like zero-day attacks.

In addition, MixMode helps the world's best security teams increase efficiency and innovation in the SOC by acting as a system of record to augment or replace traditional security tools (e.g. SIEM, NDR, NTA, UEBA).

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Cybersecurity Built for the Speed and Scale of the modern enterprise

The first self-learning AI that will surface threats with transparency into its decisions. Let AI be your best threat detection tool and lead you to root cause and remediation.  No rules or training data required.

Detect Zero-Day & Advanced Attacks

The first and only proven cybersecurity platform that can detect zero-days & attacks with unknown signatures.

Support the Journey to Zero Trust

The only AI to surface behavioral anomalies with user and entities in a Zero Trust environment.

Reduce False Positive Alerts by Over 96%

Eliminate 96% of costly false positive and false negative alerts versus other security platforms.

No Rules or Training Data Necessary

Unlike other security platforms, MixMode requires no rules or training data to function and detect threats.

Reduce Storage Costs by Over 57%

Eliminate the wasted cost of massive log data storage associated with traditional cybersecurity platforms.


No Rules. No Training. No Intel Feeds.

Traditional security platforms attempt to identify malicious behavior by writing or using rules to train vendor-supplied data models. The issue is the large variance in the volume and frequency of the activities being monitored. This makes it impossible to create enough rules to capture everything. MixMode’s self-learning AI relies upon and requires no rules or thresholds to function and identify threats. This limits the burden on security or AI teams who spend thousand of hours creating ineffective rules and chasing false positives, and allows security teams to identify threats faster and more accurately.


Learn how switching to MixMode helped save a large government entity from the ultimately ineffective threat detection capabilities and colossal log storage costs of their failed 3 year long SIEM and UEBA deployment.


Cyber threats evolve. So Should Your Security Platform.

Real-Time Zero Day Attack Detection. Cover the Entire Attack Surface.

According to the Ponemon institute, Zero Days will make up over 42% of cyber attacks next year. MixMode is the only cybersecurity platform with AI powerful enough to detect zero day and advanced attacks with no known signature. Other security platforms which use traditional rules based and signature based attack detection methods leave you completely vulnerable to and have no way of surfacing these advanced attacks.


Tailor-Made Cybersecurity for the Needs and the Scale of the Modern Enterprise. 

MixMode is a purpose-built self-learning AI that can detect threats and anomalies across any data stream, and at any scale. MixMode helps amplify the capabilities of traditional security platforms like SIEM, NDR, NTA, and UEBA. Purpose-built for the modern SOC or NOC, MixMode allows for unparalleled cost savings and efficiency gains across the entire organization. Automate threat detection and identify anomalous user behavior with a single, real-time, AI-driven platform.

"MixMode can detect zero-day attacks through sophisticated anomaly detection powered by an advanced self-supervised AI. As per our research, so far, MixMode seems to be the only example of a cybersecurity platform with this capability."

Ritu Jyoti, VP of AI Research



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