Next Generation Threat and Anomaly Detection Powered by Third-Wave AI

A single purpose built platform to detect threats and anomalies across any data stream with the most powerful AI in cybersecurity.


Self-Learning AI for Autonomous Cybersecurity

Deploy in the cloud or on-premises in minutes. Start surfacing threats and anomalies immediately.

ROI in Minutes

Users can deploy MixMode in less than an hour and start gathering data from multiple sources at scale and start creating an accurate, evolving 7-day baseline of normal network behavior right away. A full baseline with MixMode only takes 7-days vs 6-18 months with other platforms.

Detect Zero Day Attacks

MixMode is the first cybersecurity platform in the industry that can effectively identify a zero day no-signature attack in real-time by utilizing patented unsupervised AI to power dynamic network baselining and anomaly detection technology.

NO Rules Needed

With MixMode’s platform, the AI builds an evolving behavior-driven baseline of your network so you do not need to create rules for alerts. The AI adjusts continuously without the need for configuration or tuning, reduing the burden on SOC teams, allowing enterprises to focus on the alerts that matter.

Increase Alert Precision by 95%

With MixMode's Self-Supervised AI you will immediately see 95% less security alerts as opposed to a SIEM rules based approach. MixMode allows security teams to focus on and manage real threats instead of spending their time filtering through the noise.

"MixMode can detect zero-day attacks through sophisticated anomaly detection powered by an advanced unsupervised AI. As per our research, so far, MixMode seems to be the only example of a cybersecurity platform with this capability."

Ritu Jyoti, VP of AI Research


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Learn how switching to MixMode helped save a large government entity from the ultimately ineffective threat detection capabilities and colossal log storage costs of their failed 3 year long SIEM and UBA deployment.


Deploy & Start Surfacing Threats and Anomalies in Minutes

No creation of rules, additional resources, infrastructure, or costly data storage necessary

MixMode's Dynamic Threat and Anomaly Detection platform continuously monitors your entire environment and utilizes self-supervised AI to process data from multiple streams allowing MixMode to predict attacks and malicious intent before damage is done, drastically reduce the number of security alerts, automate the threat and anomaly identification process, and help your team identify and react in a matter of seconds.


Ongoing, context-aware baseline of your network in 7 days

Predictive Threat and Anomaly Identification

No additional resources, infrastructure, or data storage

Self-Supervised Artificial Intelligence, Self-Learning System

More accurate alerts with 95% fewer false positives

IDS with AI enhanced reporting and analytics

File extraction and full packet capture

Network monitoring, forensics and incident response

Internal and external threat monitoring

Full multi-tenancy capability and robust API

Integrated threat intel feeds


Ed Amoroso

Founder and CEO

“With all the AI-based tools being marketed of late, it is becoming all-too-easy to miss the wheat for the chaff. But I can assure you that Mezic and the MixMode team are the real deal.”                                                                                           


IT Security Manager

Defense Contractor

"It was a snap to deploy MixMode within our environment and we quickly realized its value.  MixMode provides robust network traffic context combined with an intuitive interface and fast search/pivot capability, all without the overhead and high cost of classic Full Packet Capture solutions."


Gary Hayslip

Ex-CISO for the City of San Diego

“Cyber criminals are very talented, have significant resources behind them and include a wide range of personalities from school age kids to nation state actors. MixMode's AI allows our security team to effectively detect, investigate and respond to anomalies and threats to our network in real time.”

Mitigate Threats Faster and Increase SOC Efficiency 20x

Supercharge Your Security Operations Center

MixMode is a cybersecurity platform which combines the functionality of SIEM, NDR, NTA and UEBA. Security teams use MixMode for anomaly detection, zero-day attack identification and false-positive alert reduction.

The platform is powered by context-aware unsupervised AI that is uniquely adaptable to the environment it monitors, can evolve on its own, and predict what’s coming before it happens. This next generation AI requires zero written rules to function and removes the need for constant human oversight of the AI, enabling faster and more accurate detections, and dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency while significantly decreasing the wasted time, effort, and resources associated with legacy cybersecurity tools.

mixmode-screen-shot-indicators (1)

More advanced detections. Less noise.

MixMode’s AI-Enabled SOC Platform provides operators with full visibility over the network and the tools to perform deep forensic investigations while intelligently monitoring your network's baseline to identify and surface new threats and anomalous activity.

MixMode helps security teams solve the information overload problem by building three baselines of the given network (exfiltration, infiltration, movement and lateral) to surface zero day anomalies, drastically reduce the number of false positive alerts and automate the threat identification process.

MixMode also extends the life of your existing platforms by adding intelligence and predictive capabilities, leading to reduced workloads on existing SOC teams so they can be more proactive, predictive and efficient.

The First Self-Supervised AI in Cybersecurity

Most Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity requires human input or “supervised learning” to function. This not only makes the AI vulnerable to hackers who can uncover how the AI was trained, but it also means security teams must wait an average of 18 months before they can obtain value from the AI.

MixMode's third-wave AI, which was originally built for projects at DARPA and the DoD, is hyper-intelligent and can learn about your network, unsupervised and without human input, in less than 7 days.

MixMode studies and creates a baseline of your network by monitoring historic traffic and understanding typical network activity. This allows us to identify potential threats like Zero-Day Exploits, eliminate 90% of false positive security alerts, and cut through the noise to deliver actionable alerts which you can respond to in real-time.



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