Tired of Chasing False Positives?

A typical security and IT team spends an average of 395 hours a week and over $1.3 million a year chasing false positives alerts.*


Powered by context-aware Artificial Intelligence, MixMode's PacketSled platform delivers network monitoring, deep forensic analysis and incident response. Our purpose-built AI solution drastically lowers false positives as compared to a typical rules-based monitoring system.


An ongoing, context-aware baseline of your network. 
Complete network visibility with accurate and actionable alerts.      
Reduced strain on your cybersecurity team and resources. 
Accurate alerts and fewer false positives.   
Diminished risk.

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Does your Security Team ignore Alerts?

Most enterprise security teams have six or more different security systems generating over 3,400 security alerts a day.* Due to the security noise and lack of resources, it is not surprising that 32% of security professionals admit to ignoring alerts.^ 

This is why MixMode built a proprietary context-aware AI, also known as third-wave AI. It is a system that first evaluates your network's unique behavior. By looking at a baseline of your network's "normal" behavior, the AI can better assess what should/should not be an alert. Eliminate 90% of false positive alerts. Read our blog from MixMode's CTO and Chief Scientist Dr. Igor Mezic on "5 Reasons Why Context-Aware AI is Needed in Cybersecurity."

*According to the Ponemon Institute. ^According to McAfee.

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3.5 million unfilled Cybersecurity jobs by 2021*

An extreme shortage of security personnel forces organizations to spend more on cybersecurity software. The result is a growing tidal wave of alerts that organizations strain to monitor. Using proprietary context-aware Artificial Intelligence, our solution delivers network monitoring while reducing false-positive alerts by 90% or more as compared to typical rule-based systems. Our unique context-aware AI can interpret, learn and react to behavioral activities surrounding network data. Learn more about context-aware AI.

*CSO Online, 2017

PacketSled's AI-Driven Platform

Powerful. Fast. Flexible.

packetsled-icon-operational-white.png  Identify Threats Faster

With full access to wire data, packet capture, deep packet inspection and file extraction, your team will have much greater capability than what you get from standard log monitoring.

packetsled-icon-product-white.png   Set a Baseline

By delivering an ongoing baseline of your normal network behavior, our AI can accurately assess what alerts should and should not be fired. The AI will learn and define what is normal as your network changes.

packetsled-icon-security-white.png   Access ALL the Data You Need

PacketSled is an AI-driven solution that gives unparalleled Network Visibility and is easy to integrate with other systems like a SIEM, orchestration engine or ticketing system.   

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Networks Evolve, Threats Evolve. So Should your Security Platform.

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“PacketSled gives us additional visibility into what is happening on our network. Security is a top priority at GHX and PacketSled’s solution gives us another tool to strengthen our defenses.”

 - Tim Simpkins, Director of Global Security at GHX.

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