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Identity Threat Detection and Response

Real-time Detection of Identity Threats at Scale

Powerful Real-time Security for Identity Threats

Enterprise organizations handle large volumes of sensitive data daily, including customer information, personnel records, financial information, and intellectual property. The explosion of user information, attributes, and credentials and the identity silos accompanying them create greater security and compliance risks for organizations.

Security teams face the challenge of protecting their valuable assets and ensuring the integrity of user identities across multiple channels and platforms.

MixMode's Identity Threat Detection and Response Solution provides real-time monitoring of your identity infrastructure, capable of ingesting and analyzing large volumes of diverse data from multiple systems.

MixMode ITDR continuously monitors your environment and correlates behavioral, access, and log data to proactively identify threats targeting credentials, privileges, cloud entitlements, and the systems that manage them.

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Detect Identity Threats Across Multiple Platforms in Real-Time

Identity Access Management

Monitor access patterns, authentication attempts, and privilege usage to identify suspicious activity, including unauthorized access attempts, privilege misuse, or compromised credentials.

Network Environments

Detect threats, including account compromises, privilege escalations, lateral movement, and other malicious activities that may lead to data breaches or network compromises.

Cloud Environments

Mitigate the risk of data breaches, unauthorized data exposure, or unauthorized changes to cloud configurations to safeguard sensitive data and secure cloud resources.

Defend Your Identity Infrastructure with MixMode

Learn and Identify

MixMode AI establishes a baseline of normal behavior by self-learning patterns and behaviors from vast amounts of data, including IAMs, network traffic, user behavior, and system logs, without requiring rules, training, or human interaction.

Detect and Mitigate

By contextually understanding your environment, The MixMode Platform can detect emerging threats and surface abnormal activity in real-time and at scale to mitigate risks before any damage can occur.

Adapt and Evolve

The MixMode Platform tailors itself specifically to each organization, continuously adapting and evolving to changing environments to ensure that organizations are always equipped with the latest threat detection capabilities.

Effectively Defend Against Identity Threats to Safeguard Sensitive Data

Identity Theft and Fraud

Prevent stolen credentials, phishing attacks, and social engineering techniques that pose significant risks to enterprise security.

Insider Threats

Minimize insider threats, including employees, contractors, or partners with authorized access to sensitive data.

Credential Sharing

Easily monitor user activities and accurately identify the use of shared credentials or shared accounts.

Unauthorized Access

Prevent unauthorized access to customer data, financial information, and transaction records.

Complex Identity Ecosystem

Gain a centralized view with consolidated identity information across disparate systems for effective identity governance.

Compliance and Regulatory

Ensure compliance, manage user access privileges, and maintain audit trails that can be complex and resource-intensive.

"We have been saying for years that the more data, the better. However, standard cybersecurity programs often fail as organizations can’t make sense of it all. MixMode lets you jump that barrier with their AI to find threats amongst all the noise, including novel attacks designed to bypass legacy systems."


Matt Bromiley - Senior Security Analyst

Detect and Respond Faster

Identify and resolve threats in real-time, including active, novel attacks that other platforms miss.

Increase efficiencies

Reduce false positives and eliminate tedious tasks to focus on what matters.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Streamline visibility across multiple disparate toolsets while up-leveling existing investments.

Scale Easily and Effectively

Ingest and analyze large volumes of data in real-time without increasing spend.

No rules. No tuning. No Limits.

Cloud Native

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