Hero Bg Platform

The Leading AI-Powered Network Monitoring, Network Forensics and Incident Response Platform

Powerful Platform with Unique Capabilities:

  • Reduce your false positives by 90% powered by MixMode's AI. Our AI capability provides you with an ongoing, custom network baseline that informs our technology as to what is an alert and what is not. 

  • This patent-pending AI technology was developed over 10+ years working with DARPA, DoD and other government entities.

  • A platform that integrates with your security operations tool chain including orchestration and SIEMs.

  • Streamline and automate your best analyst response.

  • Ability to choose your deployment strategy – either cloud, on-premise or a hybrid version.

  • Faster remediation: Identify threats in real-time, reduce dwell time and understand the threat within 48 hours.

  • We support integrated risk management.

  • Choose your investigative depth – either NetFlow data, Full Packet Capture or Deep Packet Inspection.

  • Ability to use natural language search.

  • We can deploy within minutes giving you immediate value. Once deployed, you can get to the source of an issue within seconds.

“Cyber criminals are very talented, have significant resources behind them and include a wide range of personalities from school age kids to nation state actors. Adding tools like PacketSled to our quiver allows our security team to effectively detect, investigate and respond to anomalies and threats to our network.”

Darren Bennett, CISO for the City of San Diego

What does Packetsled do?

PacketSled fills the gaps in your security program. Our software platform enables full Network Visibility, Threat Hunting and Incident Response.

What does Packetsled monitor?

Servers, desktops, users and applications.

On which networks does Packetsled monitor these elements?

Both external traffic (North-South Traffic) and internal traffic (East-West Traffic). This includes multiple data centers and sites/clouds, etc.

What does Packetsled do with this data?

Uses Threat Intelligence Attack Detection and Behavioral Analysis to give you 100% visibility and prioritized actions for your team to mitigate risk.

How we integrate into a security operations center

PacketSled can offload data into SIEMs, orchestration engines and ticketing systems. We integrate with market-leading SIEM partners and service providers that you already partner with in your Operations Center.

What is Network Visibility?

Full Network Visibility is being able to see all traffic (in real time) traversing a network – including your internal environment and the public cloud. A powerful Network Visibility tool uncovers blind spots in your network. 

It will allow you full visibility – including being able to go back and see exactly what was happening on your network at a precise moment in time.

All-software, continuous network monitoring