What is Third Wave AI?

What is Third Wave AI?

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    What is Third Wave AI?

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has defined three waves of artificial intelligence:

    • First Wave AI focused on handcrafted knowledge, logic, and rules.
    • Second Wave AI brought probabilistic methods, statistical learning, and big data.
    • Third-Wave AI aims to produce contextual adaptation and common sense capabilities.

    DARPA proposes that Third-Wave AI systems can understand context, leverage that contextual understanding for common sense reasoning, and adapt to changing contexts. This will enable more natural and intuitive interactions between AI systems and human users.

    Why is Third-Wave AI Valuable?

    Third-Wave AI promises to bring AI systems closer to human-level cognition. This will enable:

    • More natural language interactions
    • Improved reasoning skills
    • Adaptation to new tasks and situations
    • Better ability to operate in the open world

    By closing the gap between human and machine cognition, Third-Wave AI can significantly expand the capabilities and applicability of AI.

    Key Benefits of Third-Wave AI

    The core benefits of Third-Wave AI include:

    • Contextual understanding - ability to incorporate and reason about real-world context
    • Common sense reasoning - making sensible inferences about unfamiliar situations
    • Adaptability - adjusting to new tasks, users, and environments
    • Intuitive interfaces - more natural language and multimodal interactions

    These capabilities will make AI systems easier to use, more flexible, and more widely deployable.

    Third-Wave AI at Mixmode

    MixMode has developed the world's first commercially available intuitive threat detection and response platform built on Third-Wave AI.

    MixMode’s generative AI is uniquely born out of dynamical systems (a branch of applied mathematics) and self-learns in an environment without rules or training data. MixMode’s AI constantly adapts itself to the specific dynamics of an individual network rather than using the rigid legacy ML models typically found in other cybersecurity solutions.

    The MixMode Platform is the only generative AI cybersecurity solution built on patented technology purpose-built to detect and respond to threats in real-time, at scale. The MixMode Platform autonomously ingests and analyzes data at scale to reduce noise, surface critical threats, and improve defense against attacks. Mixmode.ai leverages Third-Wave AI techniques like contextual reasoning and natural language understanding for AI-powered cybersecurity.

    Why Third-Wave AI and Mixmode are the Future of Threat Detection

    The cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly. As attackers get more sophisticated, legacy security tools need help to keep up. AI-powered solutions are required for accurate and scalable threat detection. This is where Third-Wave AI and Mixmode come in.

    Limitations of Traditional Security Tools

    Many traditional cybersecurity tools rely on rules, signatures, and basic machine learning. But these approaches have key drawbacks:

    • Signatures can only detect known attack patterns
    • Rules are manual and time-consuming to update
    • Basic ML lacks context and adaptability

    These tools generate excessive alerts, are easy for attackers to evade, and create a burden for security teams.

    How Mixmode Uses Third-Wave AI

    The Mixmode Platform is built on patented Third-Wave AI to deliver the future of threat detection. Mixmode's AI provides:

    • Behavioral analysis - identifies anomalies based on contextual factors like user, host, application, and data access patterns. Goes beyond basic rules or signatures.
    • Natural language queries - users can ask questions in plain English to investigate threats and incidents.
    • Human-centric explanations - provides intuitive explanations of suspicious behavior and recommendations.
    • Continuous learning - constantly adapts to new assets, vulnerabilities, and techniques.

    The Future of Security Now with Third-Wave AI and MixMode

    Legacy security tools are no match for modern attacks. MixMode’s Generative Third-Wave AI Platform combines self-supervised learning, a dynamical systems model, and adaptable reasoning to keep organizations safe. This human-like detection enables proactive threat hunting, faster investigation, and superior risk visibility. 

    Third-Wave AI paves the way for the future of cyber defense. And the future is now with MixMode.

    Ready to join the next wave of Cybersecurity?

    Stop wasting time and money with outdated threat detection solutions, get a demo of MixMode today and learn how you can improve your security capabilities.