Telecom – MixMode AI Threat Detection and Response

Real-time Threat Detection for Telecom Organizations

Defend Your Legacy and 5G Networks Against Targeted Attacks

Connect Your Telecom Infrastructure with Dynamic Threat Detection for Complex Environments

In today’s digital age, mobile networks are evolving into the open innovation platform supporting business, society, and mission-critical use cases. With the help of 5G, communication service providers can connect businesses, smart factories, and vital public safety infrastructures with secure and dependable connectivity.

The interconnected nature of telecom networks, coupled with the increasing adoption of digital technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), has expanded the attack surface and heightened the risk of cyber threats.

To safeguard critical infrastructure, protect sensitive customer information, and maintain the integrity of their networks, telecom organizations must employ advanced threat detection solutions that can detect and mitigate threats in real-time.

MixMode’s dynamical threat detection platform seamlessly integrates with any security environment to detect threats in real-time, enabling telecom organizations to protect their infrastructure effectively.


Stay one step ahead of evolving threats with an adaptive defense that strengthens your security posture

Network Disruption

Defend against threats that negatively influence network performance and disruptions severe enough to shut down networks for several days that can harm vital services and result in significant revenue losses

Data Leakage

Prevent breaches that can result in the exfiltration of subscriber or network data and data moving over the network, creating the possibility of long-term, systematic eavesdropping.

Business Impact

Minimize the impact to protect customer and market share losses and long-term effects on brand value and share price. Serious breaches may also result in legal action, demands for damages, and regulatory fines.

Move beyond legacy detection methods with MixMode

Learn and Identify

MixMode establishes a baseline of normal behavior by learning patterns and behaviors from vast amounts of data, including network traffic, user behavior, and system logs, without the need for rules, training, or tuning from humans.

Detect and Mitigate

By contextually understanding your environment's normal behavior, MixMode can detect emerging threats in real-time and at scale to mitigate risks before any damage can occur.

Adapt and Evolve

MixMode’s dynamical threat detection platform is built on Third Wave AI (as defined by DARPA) and assimilates with any security environment to adapt and evolve to ensure telecom organizations are always equipped to detect the latest threats to remain resilient.

Detect advanced threats in real-time

Network Intrusions

Defend against targeted network attacks to prevent unauthorized access, vulnerability exploits, & malicious activities such as data theft or network manipulation.

Social Engineering

Uncover Social engineering techniques, such as phishing, spear-phishing, or pretexting, commonly used to manipulate employees to gain access.

Infrastructure Targeting

Detect attacks targeting aimed at disrupting network operations or gaining unauthorized access, including base stations, routers, and switches.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Detect sophisticated APTs designed to infiltrate networks undetected, including targeted attacks, social engineering, and advanced malware.

Insider Threats

Minimize potential insider threats, including employees, contractors, or partners with authorized access to sensitive business data.

Supply Chain Attacks

Identify risks associated with third-party relationships to prevent potentially dangerous and harmful vulnerabilities to critical supply chains.

“With MixMode, we achieved a 97% reduction in false positives within the first week of deployment with a system that’s operating completely independent of rules and completely independent of anyone from our team.”

VP of InfoSec

Fortune 500 Telecom Organization

Detect and Respond Faster

Identify and resolve threats sooner, including active, novel attacks that other platforms miss.

Increase efficiencies

Reduce false positives and eliminate tedious tasks to focus on what matters.

Greatly Reduce Cost and Risk

Reduce storage costs and eliminate the need for multiple disparate toolsets while up-leveling existing investments.

Scale Easily and Effectively

Ingest and analyze large volumes of data in real-time without increasing spend.

No rules. No tuning. No Maintenance. Any Environment.

Cloud Native

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