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Whitepaper: The Failed Promises of SIEM

In this whitepaper we'll discuss the ways in which SIEM has failed to deliver on promises made to the cybersecurity industry and why cyber teams must instead turn to a next-gen platform powered by unsupervised AI.

AI Buyers Guide: How to Choose an AI Based Cybersecurity Platform

This guide covers some of the common misconceptions about AI in cybersecurity and highlights red flags you should look for when buying a new AI-based platform.

Whitepaper: The evolution of "next-generation" manufacturing and the need for network security

Industry 4.0 is changing the way products are being manufactured around the world and with it comes new security threats. Learn how MixMode is working with RavenII to secure the next generation of manufacturing.

MixMode Guide: The Next Generation SOC Tool Stack – The Convergence of SIEM, NDR and NTA

In our latest MixMode Guide we discuss the convergence of legacy network security tools and explore how security teams can upgrade their SOC with the next generation of cybersecurity tools.

Independent Whitepaper: Self-Supervised AI for Complex Network Security

Dr. Peter Stephenson of The University of Leicester reviews MixMode's Self-Supervised AI and its ability to provide actionable insights into anomalous behavior and potential threats on a network.

Whitepaper: Actionable Anomalies - How MixMode AI Makes Your Security Data Smarter

Learn how MixMode solves the information overload and advanced anomaly detection problem in cybersecurity by using it's advanced third wave AI to create evolving and dynamic network baselines.

MixMode Whitepaper: The Data Overload Problem in Cybersecurity

In this MixMode Whitepaper, we’ll dive into the data overload problem plaguing the cybersecurity industry and uncover how organizations can greatly reduce these challenges by adopting an AI-driven solution.

Whitepaper: How Predictive A.I. is Disrupting the Cybersecurity Industry

Most NTA solutions are severely lacking in one foundational component: an accurate, generative baseline that evolves over time. Learn how Predictive AI is changing this for the entire industry.

IDC Report: An Unsupervised AI-Driven Network Traffic Analysis Platform

This document reviews how MixMode's AI-enabled, multistream security platform empowers security teams to solve the information overload problem.

Whitepaper: MixMode AI for Network Security

In this Whitepaper we take a deep dive into the technology behind MixMode's Third-Wave AI for Network Security Monitoring

Data Sheets & FAQS

Data Sheet: MixMode Network Traffic Analysis Platform

Learn how MixMode ingests and analyzes any network data stream, whether in the cloud, on premise or in hybrid environments to correlate and prioritize the work for security teams.

Blog: Using Heatmaps to Build Your Network’s Baseline

Here we describe the type of information that Mixmode’s AI system “looks” at for decision-making, and emphasize how it is human-like in behavior but with a substantially enhanced computational capacity.

Data Sheet: Predictive Security Monitoring for Your AWS Cloud Environment

Learn how you can deploy MixMode within your AWS environment to surface anomalies and correlate alerts across VPC Flowlogs, AWS Cloudtrails logs and on-premise network data.

Data sheet: Comparing Mixmode with Verizon NDR

A comparison between Verizon Network Detection and Response tool and MixMode's Network Security Monitoring Platform.

FAQ: MixMode's Artificial Intelligence

All of the most Frequently Asked Questions about MixMode's Best-in-Class Artificial Intelligence

FAQ: MixMode Network Traffic Analysis Platform

All of the most Frequently Asked Questions about MixMode's Network Traffic Analysis Platform

Case Studies

Client Success Story: Detecting an Attack not Found on Threat Intel

Learn how MixMode was able to prevent an attack on a customers network using only context-aware AI and anomaly detection.


Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) has implemented MixMode as a tool to increase security and visibility into its GHX Global Network. Through its cloud-based technology, GHX serves the largest e-commerce community in healthcare, including more than 4,100 healthcare providers globally.


Client Success Study: Nisos

Find out how Nisos used MixMode’s context-aware AI to create an evolving baselines of its clients’ networks, and quickly report anomalous activity.



The security team for a defense contractor with a national/worldwide presence, selected MixMode as a core tool to increase visibility and significantly improve the IT security defenses that safeguard its networks.


Client Success Story: MixMode's AI Network Security Monitoring Platform Helps HighCastle Monitor and React to Threats with 10x Greater Efficiency

HighCastle uses MixMode’s PacketSled platform with purpose-built AI to provide continuous risk monitoring to its clients.


The world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools turned to MixMode for automated network security and visibility.



Forbes: MixMode Named Top 25 AI Startup in 2020

Louis Columbus named MixMode one of the top 25 AI startups to watch in 2020 in his latest Forbes article. Read the post here.

Blog: Using MixMode and Carbon Black to Spot a Watering Hole Attack

In this post, we walk through the process of identifying a watering hole attack using network and endpoint telemetry with MixMode and Carbon Black to see how widely a watering hole attack spread and what, if anything, was exfiltrated.

Beefing Up Your Next Generation Security Tool Set

SC magazine discusses deploying a next generation – true AI and machine learning – security stack that

Solving the False Positive Epidemic with Third Wave Artificial Intelligence

The false positive issue that has become prominent in the cybersecurity industry affects every usage of software designed to identify and warn against cyberattacks, security breaches, data leaks, and more. Here's how Third Wave AI solves this issue.

Mixmode partners with MSSPs to deliver Threat-Hunting-as-a-service

Network visibility & threat hunting platform provider MixMode (Formerly PacketSled) partners with managed security services providers (MSSPs) to deliver hunting-as-a-service.

IoT for All: How Covid-19 Will Help Lead the Shift to AI-First Cybersecurity

When a significant portion of the world’s workforce was suddenly forced to stop attending work in the office due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations were caught unprepared.

CPO Magazine: The Largest Cyber Attack of All Time Is Coming. And AI Could Help Stop It.

Although it is entirely possible and even potentially probable that the largest cyber security breach in history is right around the corner, it is also entirely avoidable.


Analytics Insight included MixMode in their list of the top 10 AI investments and funding of April 2020.

Is AI cybersecurity’s salvation or its greatest threat?

If you’re uncertain whether AI is the best or worst thing to ever happen to cybersecurity, you’re in the same boat as experts watching the dawn of this new era with a mix of excitement and terror.

CPO Magazine: AI in Cybersecurity - 2020 Predictions

In this article CPO Magazine interviews MixMode CTO Igor Mezic about how 2020 will be the year that AI changes the landscape of cybersecurity defense.

Help Net Security: How do I select a network detection and response solution for my business?

To select an appropriate network detection and response solution for your business, you need to think about a variety of factors.

Venture Beat: MixMode raises $4 million to help companies fight AI-driven cyberattacks

MixMode has closed a $4 million round of venture capital as it continues work on artificial intelligence to help companies combat cyberattacks.

Blog: Unsupervised Learning for Cyber

Ed Amoroso of Tag Cyber dives into MixMode's approach to using unsupervised learning techniques for network visibility and advanced cyber threat detection in an enterprise.

E-Book: Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Using context-aware AI and Machine Learning to improve cybersecurity.

Platform to Reduce False Positive Security Alerts

San Diego-based company, MixMode (formerly PacketSled), makes network security monitoring software aimed at curbing the problem of false positive security alerts

Interview: Safety Detective with CEO John Keister

Safety Detective’s Aviva Zacks had the chance to sit down with John Keister, CEO of MixMode. She found out how his company can protect us from Zero-Day threats.


Webinar: The Next Generation SOC

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