Third Wave Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

MixMode's self-learning context-aware AI can understand and build a generative baseline of your environment without human training in only 7 days. Built originally for projects at DARPA and the DoD, MixMode is the first instance of true "Third Wave" artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.

AI Backed By Over 20 years of Research and Data

The industry is full of Cybersecurity Providers touting their "revolutionary AI," so we understand why security professionals are weary. We put our money where our mouth is and invite you to see how MixMode is different. Led by Chief Scientist Dr. Igor Mezic, MixMode's AI team has over 20 years of experience building complex AI for DARPA and the DoD and they have used their expertise to solve some of the biggest problems in Cybersecurity with our patented Context-Aware AI.

Most security tools leverage first or second-wave AI technology that uses a combination of rules & thresholds or static “training” data to make decisions about your data and can take between 6-24 months of learning to be effective. MixMode is the first available instance of true third-wave AI in cybersecurity and is able to create an evolving forecast of your environment in only 7 days.

The First Self-Learning AI Cybersecurity Platform

Self-Supervised Learning

Most AI must be trained by a human or given a set of rules to learn by. MixMode understands your network unsupervised by human input or rules based learning.


MixMode AI is independently able to extract patterns and trends, inclusive of the context from which that information is made available

7 days to value

Most AI takes between 6-24 months to learn about and understand a network before it can provide valuable and actionable insights. MixMode's Third-Wave AI can do this in only 7 days.

Take a Deep Dive Into MixMode’s Patented Third-Wave Artificial Intelligence for Network Security

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Why Mixmode's Patented Cyber AI is Different

Most security tools leverage first or second wave AI technology that uses a combination of rules & thresholds or static “training” data to make decisions about your data and can take between 6-24 months of learning to be effective.

MixMode's AI is the first commercially available platform leveraging true Third Wave AI. Originally built for projects at DARPA and the DoD by Chief Scientist Dr. Igor Mezic, MixMode AI can learn about your network unsupervised and without human input in only 7 days. By creating a baseline of your specific network and identifying anomalies when they arise, MixMode is the only cybersecurity platform that can predict and surface zero day attacks in real time, and ensure 90%+ alert precision and reduction, so you can stop wasting time chasing false positives and start focusing on the threats that matter.


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Self-Learning AI and Creating a Network Baseline

MixMode’s Artificial Intelligence can interpret, learn and respond to behavioral activities surrounding network data unsupervised and without the need for human input.

By constantly evolving on it's own and reacting to new deviations from the set baseline, Mixmode can quickly determine if a deviation in network behavior is normal or if it is actionable intelligence to alert security personnel.

The system includes a method for human-machine interaction; in particular, communication with an operator enabling action on the information provided within the system and the ability to instruct the system on the classification of new security threats.

Identifying Zero-Day Attacks in Real Time

MixMode can provide the IP address of a hacker exploiting a zero-day vulnerability before catastrophic damage is done.

MixMode's proprietary third-wave AI relies on an unsupervised learning methodology capable of understanding that the environment is changing based on the contextual information it observes. It observes the totality of the information available to it from the network sensor and detects any unusual behavior, be it on the lateral movement, inbound traffic or outbound traffic.

As its own behavior is adaptable to new network conditions, it makes it almost impossible to fool by hackers, even those using modern machine learning penetration methods. This enables constant adaptation to evolving security conditions and robust Zero-Day attack detection of security events - the first of it's kind in Cybersecurity.


Reducing False Positive Alerts By 95% Over Current Rules Based Systems like SIEM

MixMode’s platform knows which alerts you should be paying attention to before you do.

Our Context-aware AI monitors your network, creating a baseline understanding of the entire system and learning from mistakes made along the way.

The platform prioritizes which events should be investigated by security teams to prevent possible attacks by noting that certain events are aggregates of indicators and should be solved first. Typically MixMode has shown to decrease false positive alerts by up to 95% for most enterprises. This way security teams can spend their time wisely managing real concerns instead of trying to figure out what the real concerns are.

20+ Years Experience Building Advanced Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Igor Mezic - CTO and Chief Scientist

Dr. Igor Mezic has spent his career developing highly complex algorithms and artificial intelligence for data analytics. The MixMode AI, which has been used in projects at DARPA and the DoD is the first commercial use of true Third Wave AI.

MixMode named top 25 machine learning startup of 2020

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