Featured MixMode Client Success Story: HighCastle Cybersecurity

Powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, MixMode delivers automated, real-time threat detection, unparalleled network visibility, and comprehensive network investigation tools, helping HighCastle monitor and react to threats with 10x greater efficiency.

“With MixMode, we have seen a 90 to 95 percent alert reduction consistently for a financial services client. In addition, the alert precision is excellent as we have seen fewer false negatives versus other solutions.”

Meghan Gorman, Founder & CEO, HighCastle

Based in New York, NY, HighCastle Cybersecurity provides a range of professional and managed services to help smaller, resource-constrained companies assess and mitigate cybersecurity risk and exposure. 

HighCastle’s team was challenged to correctly price its cybersecurity offering, usually without a great deal of knowledge of the client environment prior to solution pricing.

While HighCastle’s clients often share logs from their security information and event management (SIEM) systems, it is difficult to identify and assess threats from this information as the noise to signal ratio can be as high as 110:1 according to McAfee.

To maximize efficiency, HighCastle needed a solution that would provide insights so its Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts could better understand clients’ cyber risks, minimize time spent chasing false positives and ensure the team was spending the majority of its time responding to actionable information.

“We use MixMode with 80% of prospects. It absolutely helps us close business because MixMode makes the value of continuous monitoring extremely clear,” says  Meghan Gorman, Founder & CEO.

Using MixMode as its continuous monitoring tool, HighCastle keeps its fingers on the pulse of what’s happening across the client’s entire infrastructure. The company has largely eliminated chasing false positives–it no longer spends hours and days trying to understand the client’s vulnerabilities to determine the best course of action.

“MixMode gives us the continuous monitoring we need to protect our clients and to help them demonstrate compliance with some of the government’s most stringent regulations,”  says Gorman.

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