Santa Barbara, CA — September 20, 2021

MixMode, the leader in AI-driven, real-time anomaly detection for Cybersecurity, has formally joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab’s (“5GOILab”) Fall 2021 program.  The Lab is supported by its founding and corporate partners which include Amdocs, Dell Technologies, F5, Intel, Microsoft, NASA, T-Mobile and VMware. Read the press release from 5G Labs here announcing the fall cohort.

“5G is at the forefront of growth for connectivity, and with this new technology and speed comes new cybersecurity needs,” said John Keister, CEO of MixMode. “Legacy cybersecurity tools have no solution for monitoring and effectively protecting environments in which massive volumes of data are being managed like 5G. MixMode’s unique innovation in self-learning AI is the solution necessary to tackle this problem.”

5G can support 250x the number of devices in a given area versus 4G. Meaning more Netflix shows, more streaming, more purchases will happen faster and over many more devices. The massive volumes of data created will pose a serious challenge for real-time anomaly detection. MixMode is looking forward to working with the partners and sponsors of the 5GOILab to establish the scalable solutions for this ecosystem.

“The landscape for security is changing faster than we’ve seen in the past. Vulnerability detection through AI is where I believe the industry is heading for real-time anomaly detection and prevention.” said Jim Brisimitzis, General Partner of 5G Open Innovations Lab. “MixMode truly stands in a league of its own through their self-learning AI which helps their customers deal with increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats.  We’re excited to see where their technology can go with the support of our ecosystem.”

During the 12-week program, startups work closely with the founding and corporate partners to accelerate the capabilities of 5G, edge computing and other use cases and solutions across a variety of industries, and fuel the global enterprise move to digital (i.e. Industry 4.0).  The partners provide business and technology assets, expertise, and resources.

The 12 companies selected to participate in the Fall 2021 program come from countries around the globe. These companies, including MixMode, are developing solutions encompassing a broad range of technologies including AI, advanced driver assist systems, Cybersecurity, IoT, natural language processing and advanced wildfire-fighting technology all leveraging 5G capabilities.


MixMode is a Cybersecurity platform powered by a cloud-native, self-learning AI with next generation anomaly detection and predictive capabilities. MixMode ingests and monitors large data volume environments (e.g. Cloud, Enterprise, 5G) in real time to discover zero-day threats and attacks with no signature, including those from ransomware, supply chain attacks and insider threats on Zero Trust Architecture. MixMode can be used in the cloud, edge or on premise to deliver increased productivity and efficiency for environments with IT, OT, ICS and IoT devices.

MixMode’s platform is powered by its patented self-supervised AI, which includes contextual reasoning to explain why threats are highlighted for investigation. This AI is unique in requiring no rules, no intel feeds, and no historical training data in order to operate, avoiding the bias and blindspots that impact legacy systems. MixMode AI is capable of high speed consumption of numerous big data feeds for processing in real-time and is the only DARPA-defined Third Wave AI in Cybersecurity. Visit us at