MixMode is committed to providing our customers immediately actionable data informed by our proprietary Self-Supervised Third-Wave AI. Our goal is to fix the broken processes and inefficiency that plagues a majority of the cybersecurity platforms currently available and in use by organizations. These platforms are simply not able to identify the majority of threats and worse they deliver so much noise to security teams, causing thousands of hours of wasted time for a SOC team.

Today with the release of our new Executive Summary Dashboard, MixMode is taking the next step toward providing our vision for cybersecurity teams of the future.

The MixMode Executive Summary Dashboard provides the necessary information and continuous access to critical details that CISO’s and other cybersecurity leaders need to see on a weekly and monthly basis to understand the health of their cybersecurity program. This update also provides those leaders with a clear view of the positive ROI that implementing MixMode has for the cybersecurity team, by delivering clear metrics on dollars and time saved over legacy cybersecurity solutions.

The new Executive Summary Dashboard includes:

  • Monthly ROI Details: ROI Metrics including closed security events, AI surfaced and prioritized alerts and cost savings. These measurements give customers clear visibility into the benefits of using the MixMode platform.
  • Monthly Consumption Metrics: Convenient summarized view of all network bandwidth and public cloud record counts, including month-to-date vs. prior month-to-date metrics.
  • New Internal Entities Discovered: Immediate highlighting of new internal entities discovered in public cloud and network environments, supporting Insider Risk Management.
  • Weekly AI Insights: Dashboard of top 5 AI prioritized Events and AI discovered anomalous entities within the last 7-days, decreasing time to remediation.

New Role-Based Access Controls

With this release, MixMode has enhanced its role-based access controls to provide for further granularity and easy assignment of roles and permissions. Highlights include:

  • Global Admin & Global Analyst Roles: Easily assign analyst privileges across the entire environment.
  • Tenant Admin & Analyst Roles: Easily assign user privileges to a single tenant in multi-tenant environments.
  • Custom Roles: Easily create rules with custom permission configuration.
  • Flexibility to assign roles by user or to multiple users by tenant.  

Live training of these new features is available for current customers. 

Those interested in learning more about MixMode can schedule a time to talk here: https://mixmode.ai/demo.

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