VIDEO: The Multiplying costs and challenges of Data Storage and Retention in Legacy Cybersecurity Platforms

MixMode’s Head of Sales and Alliances, Geoff Coulehan, discusses the data retention cost and challenges that arise when legacy cybersecurity platforms require historical data to be organized in a proprietary format for after-the-fact investigation processes.

“What’s interesting is most vendors charge for that data retention,” Coulehan says. “Why? Because in order for it to be searchable and to conduct investigations, it needs to be organized in a format for that platform that will be conducting the search and investigation. So you’re effectively doubling the cost of your data retention again to meet forensic search and investigation requirements for after-the-fact. Rather than what MixMode’s approach is which is simply leave the data in its raw format.”

Watch the video below for more on how organizations can save thousands, if not millions, on data management, preparation and storage when their cybersecurity program is powered by self-supervised AI.