Whitepaper: Unsupervised AI – AI for Complex Network Security

“We go to the zoo and there are no unicorns”! With tangible, relatable connections, Dr. Peter Stephenson explains Wave-3 AI in his most recent white paper, “Unsupervised AI – AI for Complex Network Security.” 

 Keeping Up with the Bots

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the big “now” thing in cybersecurity. Not only is it necessary for keeping up with the onslaught of lower-tech attacks, but also, AI is becoming crucial for defending against AI-powered cyberattacks, which are just on the horizon. 

Dr. Stephenson has been practicing in the security, forensics, and digital investigation fields for over 55 years, has earned a Ph.D. in computing from Oxford Brookes University, and is working on his second Ph.D. in cyberspace jurisdiction at Norwich University. In “Unsupervised AI – AI for Complex Network Security,” he explains the most recent progress in Wave-3 (Unsupervised) AI and details its strengths in cybersecurity. He also points out the most commonly–targeted areas that malware is currently attacking. 

Companies seeking to advance their technological defenses beyond the level of their adversaries can still keep a safe distance ahead by training their systems with Wave-3 AI, according to Dr. Stephenson. He states that, “For now and for the future – which is coming rapidly – Wave 3 unsupervised learning AI is a necessity.”

Wave-3 AI is the Smartest Security 

Wave-3 AI is fascinating, as machines are learning to take context into account and they are becoming able to respond to the randomness of human behavior. Dr. Stephenson explains the science behind these functions and how they come into play when protecting against an attack. He uses real-world examples of how this would play out and helpful metaphors to clarify the implications of this mind-bending technology. He explains the simpler nature of Waves 1 and 2 AI, and why they are not sufficient for many elements of protection. Security providers who use Wave 3 AI, such as MixMode, Inc., keep their clients up to speed in the great race of cybersecurity. 

Best of all, Dr. Stephenson’s focus throughout this paper is “What’s in it for me?” He knows the reader is more than curious; we are in a competitive playing field and Wave 3 is the best new upgrade to keep our team on top. 

Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be surprisingly drawn in by the connections between unicorns, cybersecurity, and much more. 

Read Dr. Stephenson’s white paper here.