Data Sheet: Cloud Detection and Response for AWS

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MixMode for Cloud Detection and Response for AWS

The cloud has revolutionized how businesses operate, enabling rapid scaling, innovation, and operational agility. However, robust cloud security is crucial as critical functions and sensitive data move to the cloud. Traditional security measures don’t fully apply in cloud environments.

The MixMode Platform is a real-time dynamic threat detection and response platform that identifies novel and known attacks at scale for cloud environments. MixMode helps enterprise security teams monitor their AWS network traffic and API calls, including VPC Flow Logs and AWS CloudTrail Logs, in real-time to close gaps in their security posture.

The MixMode Platform is the only generative AI cybersecurity solution built on patented Third Wave AI for threat detection and response. The Platform can be seamlessly installed in minutes, immediately acclimating to autonomously learning, understanding, adapting, and evolving without relying on rules, training, or human interaction. The result is a truly autonomous defense system that dramatically enhances security programs, detects threats others miss in real-time, and delivers tangible business outcomes in a matter of days.

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