Data Sheet: Cloud Detection and Response for Azure

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MixMode for Cloud Detection and Response for Azure

Security teams have historically struggled to keep up with threats and signals across a patchwork of poorly integrated solutions that fail to cover the breadth of workloads, clouds, and devices businesses run on. With the increasing adoption of cloud computing, security teams face new challenges in securing their cloud environments. Microsoft Azure is no exception. As organizations embrace the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure for their cloud infrastructure, security teams encounter unique challenges in ensuring the security and compliance of their cloud environments. Organizations must address these challenges head-on by leveraging advanced cloud security solutions tailored to Azure.

MixMode’s Cloud Detection and Response for Azure provides real-time monitoring of your cloud infrastructure, capable of ingesting and analyzing large volumes of diverse cloud data across Azure Network Watcher, Azure Activity Logs, and on-premises network traffic. MixMode’s CDR for Azure solution is part of The MixMode Platform, the world’s first commercially available cybersecurity platform built on Third Wave AI (defined by DARPA).

The Platform can ingest and analyze large volumes of cloud data from multiple sources in real-time to detect threats that typically evade traditional security measures.

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