Data Sheet: The MixMode Platform for Federal

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The MixMode Platform for Federal

Government agencies at the federal level handle vast amounts of sensitive and classified information, making them prime targets for cyber threats. The sheer scale and complexity of government networks, coupled with the increasing sophistication of attack techniques, pose significant obstacles to timely and accurate threat detection. Traditional security measures often struggle to keep pace with rapidly evolving attack vectors, resulting in a heightened risk of successful breaches. Furthermore, insider threats, advanced persistent threats, and nation-state-sponsored attacks further compound the challenges federal government agencies face. To effectively defend against these threats, federal government agencies need advanced and proactive solutions to identify and respond to emerging threats in real-time.

The MixMode Platform helps Federal Agencies detect and respond to threats in real-time, at scale, providing deep visibility across complex networks to detect threats and proactively defend against sophisticated attacks. The MixMode Platform is the world’s first commercially available cybersecurity platform built on Third Wave AI (as defined by DARPA). The Platform can be seamlessly installed in minutes, immediately acclimating itself to autonomously learn, understand, adapt, and evolve without relying on rules, training, or human interaction.

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