Data Sheet: MixMode Platform

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The MixMode Platform

Cybersecurity teams face numerous challenges in today’s complex landscape. One primary concern is the rising volume and sophistication of cyber threats, which strains resources and requires constant vigilance. Organizations struggle to detect and respond to advanced threats in real-time, as traditional security measures often fall short, highlighting the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures and solutions.

The MixMode Platform is the only generative AI cybersecurity solution built on patented Third Wave AI for threat detection and response that identifies novel and known attacks at scale, in any environment.

The Platform can be seamlessly installed in minutes, immediately acclimating itself autonomously learn, understand, adapt, and evolve without relying on rules, training, or human tuning. The result is a truly autonomous defense system that dramatically enhances security programs. detects threats others miss in real-time and delivers tangible business outcomes in a matter of days.

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