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Patented Third-Wave AI for Real-Time Threat Detection and Response

Federal entities, including the Department of Defense (DoD), the Intelligence Community, and civilian agencies are a top target for cyberattacks due to their lack of resources and the broad impact of a successful attack.

The traditional approach of defending the perimeter is not enough, leaving them vulnerable to attacks and unable to respond quickly enough to mitigate the damage.

For government agencies to properly neutralize these attacks, they must not only be vigilant and implement strong cybersecurity procedures, but they also need to adopt easy-to-implement, comprehensive solutions that prevent, detect, and respond to the most advanced cyber threats.

The MixMode Platform is the only generative Third Wave AI cybersecurity solution built on patented technology purpose-built to detect and respond to threats in real-time, at scale. MixMode’s AI is uniquely born out of dynamical systems (a branch of applied mathematics) and autonomously learns, adapts, and evolves to detect attacks without relying on rules, training, or tuning, enabling government agencies to effectively protect their organization and fortify their defenses.


"We have been saying for years that the more data, the better. However, standard cybersecurity programs often fail as organizations can’t make sense of it all. MixMode lets you jump that barrier with their AI to find threats amongst all the noise, including novel attacks designed to bypass legacy systems."


Matt Bromiley, Senior Security Analyst, SANS Institute

Move Beyond Defending the Perimeter with MixMode Third Wave Ai

Learn and Identify

MixMode’s artificial intelligence establishes a baseline of normal behavior, autonomously learning patterns and behaviors from vast amounts of data including network traffic, user behavior, and system logs, without the need for rules, training, or human interaction.

Detect and Mitigate

By learning your environment's normal behavior, MixMode can detect emerging threats in real-time and at scale to mitigate risks before any damage can occur, enabling you to secure intricate infrastructures while maintaining full control and compliance.

Adapt and Evolve

MixMode’s dynamical threat detection platform is built on Third Wave AI (as defined by DARPA) and easily integrates with any security environment to adapt and evolve to ensure government entities stay up to date and are always equipped to detect the latest threats.

SANS Report

SANS First Look: A Self-Supervised Learning Threat Detection Platform

The SANS Institute recently evaluated MixMode, download their First Look Report and watch the accompanying webinar to learn why the world's best security teams are choosing MixMode.

Stay one step ahead of evolving threats with an adaptive defense that elevates protection and performance

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTS)

Detect sophisticated APTs carried out by nation-states or cybercriminal groups designed to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, disrupt operations, or conduct espionage.

Malware and Ransomware

Identify malicious software, including ransomware, that can infiltrate systems, steal data, disrupt operations, or hold critical systems hostage until a ransom is paid.

Supply Chain Attacks

Use advanced dynamical threat detection to secure the integrity of your complex supply chain to defend against attacks targeting third-party vendors or software supply chains.

Phishing and Social Engineering

Stay ahead of Social engineering techniques that exploit human vulnerabilities to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential data or granting unauthorized access.

Insider Threats

Extensive monitoring and real-time detection preventing unauthorized access to systems that compromise data security or disrupt operations from within the organization.

Emerging Technologies

Secure newly adopted technologies (cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence, ) to protect against vulnerabilities, data breaches, or unauthorized access.

Solving for DoD Zero Trust Capabilities

Automation & Orchestration

No Bias: no training data or human operator involvement are required

Precision Alerts: Lightweight, efficient AI powers hunting and intrusion detection

Any Environment: Air-gapped, on-prem, and private cloud environments

Predictive Capabilities: Able to detect pre-game activity to prevent threats

Increased Efficiencies: Self-learning AI empowers security professionals to focus on high-priority activities

Visibility and Analytics

Increased Visibility: comprehensive visibility across Network Traffic, API logs, Private cloud, Identity

Reduced Costs: Easily integrates with tech stack (e.g. EDR, SIEM, UEBA) to uplevel existing investments

Improved Performance: Accelerates alert triage and investigation: 20x efficiency improvement.

Real-time Capabilities: Improves MTTD and MTTR

Enriched Data: Integrate with Threat Intel feeds for additional context

Device Detection

Break Down Silos: Ingest any time-stamped data stream from multiple sources, including endpoint data

Enhanced Capabilities: Precision alerting and comprehensive visibility

Mitigate Risk: AI-driven visibility into north/south and lateral movements to include endpoint and IoT devices

Streamlined Defense: Solidify your defenses and streamline operations using MixMode as the “Triage Command Center”

“Everyone today needs AI cyber defense, and MixMode is in the lead, to combat threat attacks supported by AI."

Detect and Respond Faster

Identify and resolve threats sooner, including active, novel attacks that other platforms miss.

Increase efficiencies

Reduce false positives and eliminate tedious tasks to focus on what matters.

Greatly Reduce Cost and Risk

Reduce storage costs and eliminate the need for multiple disparate toolsets while up-leveling existing investments.

Scale Easily and Effectively

Ingest and analyze large volumes of data in real-time without increasing spend.

No rules. No tuning. No Limits.

Cloud Native

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