Multi-Stream Network Traffic Analysis Powered by Unsupervised AI

Make your security team up to 25X more efficient with greater visibility, faster detections, better correlation, and less noise using MixMode AI.


Visualize, Analyze, Detect, Investigate, & Respond in Real Time

AI Powered Network Baseline

Connect MixMode to your network and our AI will start learning about your network in minutes. No need for human training or tuning. Our patented AI works autonomously and builds a baseline of your network that evolves over time as conditions change.

Identify Threats in Real-Time

Combining powerful AI based detections with the latest threat intelligence, MixMode surfaces threats in real-time. By providing security teams full access to wire data, packet capture, deep packet inspection and file extraction, you can focus on squashing threats rather than searching for them.

Gain Complete Visibility

MixMode intelligently monitors all of your network traffic, incoming, outgoing, and local in the cloud, on premise, or in hybrid environments. With full layer 2-7 visibility, full packet capture, and deep packet inspection, security teams always have the visibility they need to see and take action before damage is done.

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Learn How MixMode Provides the Most Advanced Multi-Stream Network Security Analytics and Predictive Threat Detection Across Any Data Stream

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Predictive Threat Detection

MixMode is a Predictive Network Traffic Analysis platform that gives security teams full network visibility, robust tools for guided investigation, and the ability to predict and detect threats in real-time.

MixMode's patented context-aware AI learns about your network on its own, unsupervised by human input or rules, and identifies anomalous behavior in real time. By understanding the context of your specific network and adapting to any changes over time, MixMode's AI surfaces anomalous behavior, new threats, and Zero-Day Attacks in real time. In addition, this also enables MixMode to identify alerts which are false positives and reduce alert volume by 90% so your security team can start focusing on the things that matter.

Put the Industries Most Advanced Cyber AI to Work for You

Network Forensics & Analytics

With the use of threat intelligence attack detection and behavioral analysis, MixMode gives you visibility and prioritized actions for your team to mitigate risk.

Zero Day Attack Identification

By understanding new network conditions, observing all information and detecting any unusual behavior, MixMode constantly adapts to evolving security conditions for zero day detection of security events.

Full packet capture

Full forensic packet capture allows you to monitor and intercept all data packets crossing your network in real-time and are stored, ready for deep packet inspection.

Deep packet inspection

Keep a forensic record of all network traffic to not only identify attack sources quickly but also "replay" the traffic to see other vulnerable areas of infection.

Flexible Integrations

Offload data into SIEMs, orchestration engines and ticketing systems. We integrate with market-leading SIEM partners and service providers that you already partner with in your Operations Center.

95% Alert Reduction

Reduce your false positives by 95%. Through an intelligent understanding of your networks normal behavior, MixMode can easily identify and filter our false positive security alerts so your security team can start focusing on threats and alerts that truly matter.

Layer 2-7 Visibility

MixMode provides deep network visibility and monitors for Layers 2 through 7 of the OSI model to ensure you never miss a potential threat.


Whether you are an MSSP managing a portfolio of customers or an enterprise with disparate divisions or subsidiary organizations, multi-tenancy allows you to have a single view across all of your organizations without the need to co-mingle data.

Flexibility of architecture

Choose your deployment strategy: cloud, on-premise or a hybrid version, with your choice of investigative depth, either NetFlow data, Full Packet Capture or Deep Packet Inspection.

Seamless Integration With Your Security Stack


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