Webinar: Achieving Security at Big Data Scale

Join our expert panel of webinar guests to learn why large organizations are struggling to overcome the scale and visibility challenge to monitor and detect threats in big data environments.

Watch our Expert Panel Webinar: Achieving Security at Big Data Scale

In this webinar our expert panel will discuss the challenges large enterprises in the Fortune 1000 face in scaling security monitoring and threat detection across big data environments. The experts will explain why legacy tools fail to provide adequate visibility, speed, and savings needed to secure today's complex environments while outlining how next-generation platforms can offer a solution to these problems by enabling real-time threat detection at scale.


Our Expert Panel

Matt Shea

Matt Shea - Chief Strategy Officer


Edmond Mack - Deputy CISO


Dan Thormodsgaard - CTO


Aaron Eppert - Senior Director, Software Development

Watch the Webinar

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