MIxmOde Whitepaper: The Failed Promises of SIEM


The Failed Promises of SIEM

Since it's inception, SIEM has been marketed as somewhat of a silver bullet for cybersecurity. But if SIEM is as effective and robust as vendors claim, it’s puzzling why their approach is to continually tack on “features” that enable SIEM to perform only somewhat adequately as effective security tools. Although SIEM platforms are still very effective at search and investigation of logs, which is what they were originally built for, they fall short when it comes to meeting the needs of the modern SOC.

In this whitepaper we'll discuss the ways in which SIEM has failed to deliver on promises made to the cybersecurity industry and why cyber teams must instead turn to a next generation platform powered by unsupervised AI to navigate the ever evolving threatscape of 2022 and effectively defend against modern threats and bad actors.

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