If it’s AI, it’s probably written in PowerPoint…

“There’s no easy way to say this…”

Not exactly what you want to hear usually: the foreboding tone, the averted glance that usually accompanies it.

Well, when MixMode says it, it’s because the Cybersecurity industry is rife with products, established and upstart, all using the same words to describe the value they supposedly bring to enterprise security. At MixMode, we will look you in the eye when we explain that we know the marketplace is crowded with failed promises of cyber platforms that claim to be “AI-based, self-learning, offering real-time detection and prevention at scale.”

As MixMode’s Chief Strategy Officer, Matt Shea, referenced in his keynote speech at the Official Cyber Security Summit in Tampa in January of this year, you may have heard the saying:

“If it’s machine learning, it’s probably written in Python. If it’s AI, it’s probably written in PowerPoint.”

At MixMode, what sets us apart is our unique Third Wave AI technology that allows us to detect vulnerabilities and threats other Cybersecurity solutions miss. No failed promises made to our customers, as is evidenced by our POC success rate and customer retention.

MixMode exists because of the innovative application of artificial intelligence born out of the dynamical systems branch of mathematics to Cybersecurity. Our AI platform, unlike other “AI” or off-the-shelf ML cyber platforms, can detect all attacks, even novel or signature-less attacks, in real-time. In a world where the average successful attack is not detected for over 200 days by legacy SIEM and other Cybersecurity solutions, a radical new approach is needed to reduce the mean time to detection to protect enterprise assets.

MixMode’s technology is literally plug and play and can be deployed in 45 minutes or less in most cases. No heavy lift in compute here. Also, no historical training data, tuning or maintenance is required. No dependency on rules or intel feed updates are needed. Even air-gap installations with no internet connection are supported. Customers see surprising activity on their networks within a day of deployment in most cases, quickly demonstrating the value and visibility MixMode delivers.

We know you’re tired of hearing the same old story, so at MixMode we are always pleased to keep the PowerPoint slides to a minimum and get right to the business of demonstrating how the MixMode platform goes about accomplishing your Cybersecurity program objectives and filling the gaps other legacy platforms leave in your defenses. Schedule a demo today.

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