New Video: Broken Promises and Bright Future – Preparing for the Next Wave of AI in Cybersecurity

The Cyber Security Summit in Tampa brought together the cybersecurity community for a day-long, deep-dive into cyber protection with renowned security experts during interactive panels and round table discussions. 

MixMode’s Chief Strategy Officer, Matt Shea was invited to provide the opening keynote address, setting the stage for discussions on how businesses and municipalities can better protect their networks and environments from cyber attacks.

In a world where the average successful attack is not detected for over 200 days by legacy SIEM and other Cybersecurity solutions, reducing the mean time to detection is critical to defeat the bad actors and protect enterprise assets. Shea discussed why modern AI adopted for threat detection is a critical component of any cybersecurity organization. Shea also discusses where most cyber solutions, that claim to utilize modern AI, fall short and how third-wave AI is the modern key to understanding and protecting a business’ unique environment.  

Watch the entire keynote session here:

More about Matt Shea

Matt Shea is the Chief Strategy Officer of MixMode, overseeing product strategy and development. Prior to MixMode, Matt was President & CEO, and EVP of Product Development & Technology for WildTangent. He oversaw the creation of platforms adopted by companies including AT&T, HP, and Dell which were distributed across 100’s of millions of phones and PCs. Matt holds numerous software patents and was selected for Puget Sound Business Journal’s “40 under 40.”

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