MixMode Featured In Latest Gartner Report on Emerging Trends in Network Detection and Response

MixMode announced today their inclusion in the 2021 Gartner report, ‘Emerging Trends: Top Use Cases for Network Detection and Response.’ The report, available only to Gartner users, provides in depth analysis on the top four use cases driving the NDR market including detection, hunting, forensics and response, as well as NDR development recommendations for product leaders.

Gartner defines Network Detection and Response in this report as a platform, “That uses a combination of machine learning (ML), advanced analytics and rule-based matching to detect anomalous and suspicious activities on enterprise networks. NDR solutions continuously analyze traffic — either rawpackets or flow-based data (metadata) — to baseline normal behavior. When NDR tools detect deviations from these baselines in the form of abnormal traffic patterns, and after predicting whether the anomaly is a security risk, they raise alerts.”

Key findings from the report highlight the amount of importance a NDR buyer places on the hunting use-case but that detection is the most important use case and capability that a buyer is looking for. 

Gartner also recommends in the report that NDR product leaders need to continue to develop new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based detection methods as well as incorporate forensics prominently into workflows which leads to stickiness of a NDR solution. 

MixMode was listed as a top 25 example NDR technology. 

If you are currently a Gartner user, the full report and expanded analysis on each NDR use case is available here

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