Developing a sense of trust among clients is critical for establishing a foundation for growth. Clients return again and again to providers they trust to solve problems, treat them fairly, and that they can rely on over time. One way businesses can demonstrate their trustworthiness to clients is by answering common questions thoughtfully, with pragmatic, solution-oriented responses. 

The concept of trust, in both our professional and personal lives, centers on the reassuring feeling that our best interests are being considered by others. Trust is all about safety, reliability, and confidence. When businesses trust providers to address needs like cybersecurity, they are entrusting vital intellectual property, the private data of employees, consumers, and others, and often, the very infrastructure the business requires to operate.

Below are two questions we see potential cybersecurity clients often ask, along with responses that demonstrate MixMode’s approach to building trustworthy partnerships.

What Problem is MixMode Solving?

One of the most common questions organizations ask when deciding whether to invest in a new tool is “What problem is this company trying to solve?” Unfortunately, marketing jargon and misleading messaging is all too common in the cybersecurity marketplace. Why should a business trust a provider that trades transparency for vague promises? Trustworthy cybersecurity providers, like MixMode, make it easy to understand what their platforms do and don’t do.

MixMode is working to solve the issue of achieving real-time risk detection at scale. The challenge to achieve real-time risk detection at scale for large enterprises is three-fold:

  1. Processing hundreds of billions of records per month or 100 Gbps+ causes most platforms to choke.
  2. Delivering precise detections (known and novel attacks) without overwhelming the client with false positives is next to impossible.
  3. Delivering 1 and 2 at a reasonable cost is very challenging.

While we may see entities like large banks and other Fortune 500 organizations storing data from their large environments in legacy platforms or databases like Snowflake, they are generally not performing real-time data analytics.

How Does MixMode Solve the Issue of Achieving Real-Time Risk Detection at Scale?

MixMode provides solutions to all three of these challenges and offers potential clients an in depth demonstration of the platform. Our client success stories provide detailed examples of how MixMode has solved their cybersecurity challenges.

Without real-time analytics on large data environments, enterprises and their customers are sitting ducks. Many are investing large sums of money into manual approaches to hunt for attacks, a challenging and often impossible task that can lead to an endlessly expanding SOC team. We also see large enterprises who simply store all data for compliance when they are eventually breached.

MixMode is solving the hardest problem in cybersecurity by tackling all three of the above challenges successfully while freeing up SOC teams to act on meaningful data. A client’s SIEM, SOAR and SOC team will be wholly ineffective if they aren’t able to solve the above issues — ultimately, it will be garbage in; garbage out.

The MixMode platform develops a baseline of expected network behavior and employs Third Wave AI to examine data with context, in real-time, at scale. Learn more about how the platform works and set up a demo today.

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