Webinar: The Failed Promises of SIEM – What’s Next For Cybersecurity

The Security Operations Center (SOC) of today is fundamentally flawed. Currently enterprise cybersecurity spend is higher than ever, but despite multi-million dollar cybersecurity investments, organizations remain vulnerable to attacks. One of the major reasons for this is legacy SIEM deployments. More spend does not equal more security.

On Wednesday, October 14th we are co-hosting a webinar with Ravenii titled, “The Failed Promises of SIEM: What’s Next for Cybersecurity,” to discuss how SIEMs were originally a log retention platform, designed for data compliance. While useful for the search and investigation of historical log data, they fail at real-time data analysis and predictive threat detection.

MixMode’s Head of Strategic Alliances, Geoffrey Coulehan, and Ravenii CEO, Jeff Shipley, will join forces to further examine how the arrival of third-wave, self-supervised AI is created outside the limitations of the legacy architectures that are holding back many of today’s security vendors.
Interested in learning more about how to improve your legacy SIEM model, SIEM alternatives, and examples of real-world enterprise next-gen cybersecurity deployments? RSVP today.

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