Detecting Threats in AWS with MixMode AI

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the security of cloud infrastructure is of utmost importance. As organizations increasingly operate within a hybrid on-premises and cloud environment, the need for advanced threat detection mechanisms becomes vital. Today I explore how The MixMode Platform leverages AWS CloudTrail and VPC flow logs to detect threats and safeguard your AWS environment.

Threat Detection Options in the Cloud

When it comes to threat detection in AWS, there are two primary options: VPC traffic mirroring using packets and utilizing CloudTrail and VPC flow logs. Let’s briefly differentiate between the two:

Packets: VPC Traffic Mirroring
VPC traffic mirroring involves capturing copies of packets from AWS VPCs and sending them to MixMode AI for analysis. This method is only available for AWS VPC with VPC Traffic Mirroring capabilities available. It provides granular insights into network traffic but is limited to AWS VPCs.

CloudTrail and VPC Flow Logs
CloudTrail and VPC flow logs offer a broader scope of threat detection as they cover the entire Amazon VPC environment. Flow logs create IP-IP port mappings similar to NetFlow, while CloudTrail logs record activities within AWS services. This rich source of information allows for comprehensive analysis of events occurring across various AWS services.

Leveraging CloudTrail and VPC Flow Logs with MixMode AI

The MixMode Platform takes advantage of the extensive information captured by CloudTrail and VPC flow logs to detect abnormal behavior at scale. Here’s how it works:

Lambda Function Deployment
Within your AWS cloud, MixMode deploys a Lambda Function that scans the S3 bucket where your CloudTrail and flow logs are stored. In most cases, AWS automatically stores CloudTrail logs and VPC flow logs in an S3 bucket.

AI-Powered Analysis
MixMode’s AI algorithms process the data from CloudTrail and flow logs to generate alerts and detections at scale. By analyzing various attributes such as operators, roles, usernames, S3 bucket names, and service names, MixMode’s AI detects deviations from normal patterns and identifies potential threats.

The Power of Context

One of the key advantages of leveraging CloudTrail logs is the rich contextual information they provide. While traditional packet analysis is valuable, CloudTrail logs offer additional insights into user activity, event names, API usage, and more. This contextual information enables more accurate and actionable threat detection, empowering organizations to proactively address potential breaches.

Real-Time Monitoring and Prevention

MixMode’s dynamical AI approach enables real-time monitoring of events within your AWS environment. Instead of relying on reactive investigations after an incident occurs, The MixMode Platform actively detects threats as they emerge. By leveraging AI-driven detections, organizations can proactively respond to potential breaches and prevent them from evolving into full-blown security incidents.

As organizations navigate the complexities of securing their AWS environments, The MixMode Platform provides a powerful solution for threat detection. By harnessing the rich context of CloudTrail logs and VPC flow logs, the platform enables real-time monitoring and proactive threat prevention. With the ability to detect abnormal behavior at scale and generate actionable alerts, The MixMode Platform empowers organizations to safeguard their AWS infrastructure effectively.

In the dynamic landscape of cloud security, MixMode’s innovative approach brings together the power of AI and AWS services to create a robust defense against evolving threats. Embrace the capabilities of The MixMode Platform and protect your AWS environment with confidence. Schedule a demo today

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