IDC Report: MixMode – An Unsupervised AI-Driven Network Traffic Analysis Platform

IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, recently released a vendor report on MixMode’s Next-Generation AI Powered network traffic analysis platform.

Ritu Jyoti, Industry AI and Automation Analyst wrote the profile. In it, she  examines how MixMode’s AI-enabled, multistream security platform empowers security teams to solve the information overload problem by combining and correlating data across SIEM, firewall, cloud data, and wire data into one platform and drastically reduce the number of security alerts and automate the threat identification process.

The report takes a deep dive into MixMode’s Third-Wave AI, originally developed for DARPA and the underlying technology that powers MixMode’s ability to provide complete visibility over a multi-faceted network as well as predictive threat detection that allows users to surface anomalous behavior that can lead to an attack before any damage is done.

Access the report here

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