New Video: How does MixMode’s context-aware AI build a network baseline?

We recently did a three-part blog series on network baselining technology and how analyzing network behavior can improve your security stance. 

What is a real network baseline? 

How does it work? 

And, why is it vital to stopping zero-day attacks? 

MixMode’s leadership team came together to share more on how our context-aware AI builds network baselines for organizations across the globe, it’s predictive capabilities, and how MixMode helps you more intelligently discover anomalies within your network environment.

For more information, MixMode CTO, Dr. Igor Mezic also gives a more technical explanation of network baselines in this article. He describes the type of information that Mixmode’s AI system “looks” at for decision-making, and emphasizes how it is human-like in behavior but with a substantially enhanced computational capacity.

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