MixMode Announces Quarterly Product Release That Enhances SOC Effectiveness and Puts Customers in the Driver’s Seat

Update includes Increased Customizations and Flexibility for Customers, including Enhanced Visibility and Improved Investigation Experience

Santa Barbara, CA – December 5, 2023 – MixMode, the leader in delivering AI cybersecurity solutions for real-time threat detection and response at scale, today announced its quarterly product release. This release gives customers greater visibility into their digital attack surface, improved investigation capabilities, and increased customization options.

Key features and enhancements include:

  • Alert Enrichment Enhancements: MixMode’s alert enrichments have been significantly enhanced to create asset severity scores and non-local entity enrichments on the fly. In addition, the management interface has been enhanced for easier control of alert enrichments. The new features support the creation of custom alert views and workflows to help customers see what matters to them more quickly.
  • Third-Party Pivot Integrations: The MixMode Platform now offers configurable integrations with third-party products. This allows customers to quickly pivot from MixMode to other tools in their security stack to investigate threats further.
  • Increased Customization: Customers can now configure AI analytic visibility to trigger specific events or alerts when they want, providing industry-leading control over the analytics in their environments. Customers can also score analytics and internal assets to define what’s most important to them, allowing them to focus on their most critical assets.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The MixMode Platform now provides customers visibility into internal entities and IP addresses in their environment. This helps customers gain insights into their attack surface to identify and track malicious activity that may originate from within their network. 
  • Improved Investigation Experience: The MixMode Platform lets customers download PCAP files and export records with a single click. This makes it easier and faster for customers to investigate threats and gather evidence.

“We are excited to release our latest quarterly product update, which includes several new features and enhancements that will help our customers improve their security posture,” said Bob Pratt, Senior VP of Product at MixMode. “With new pivot integrations, enhanced visibility, and enabling our customers to define what’s most important to them, MixMode is now more than ever the go-to solution for real-time threat detection and response.”

This latest release is available now to all customers. Reach out to your MixMode representative to learn more about the features in this latest release, or request a demo here.

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About MixMode:

MixMode is the leader in delivering AI cybersecurity solutions at scale.  MixMode offers a patented, self-supervised learning Platform designed to detect known and unknown threats in real-time across cloud, hybrid, or on-prem environments. Large enterprises with big data environments, including global entities in financial services, Fortune 1K commercial enterprises, critical infrastructure, and government sectors, trust MixMode to protect their most critical assets. Backed by PSG and Entrada Ventures, the company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA. Learn more at www.mixmode.ai.

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