MixMode Invited to Participate on ‘US Blue Team’ in Annual International Cybersecurity Exercise

July 8, 2023 – In the ever-evolving digital landscape, safeguarding our virtual domains has become an increasingly critical challenge. The constant threats posed by hackers, state-sponsored cyber attacks, and malicious actors have prompted the creation of cutting-edge strategies to fortify our nation’s cyber defenses. One such response to this growing concern comes in the form of an annual large-scale international cybersecurity exercise.

This invitation-only event brings together top cybersecurity experts from various nations for a formidable Live Fire Cyber Range challenge, simulating real-world cyber incidents and enabling experts to evaluate their readiness and response capabilities. In this Live Fire exercise, nations are able to use sophisticated – and sometimes unknown – real-world attacks to see how well their defenders can identify and defend against those attacks.  

MixMode was invited as a technology partner for the United States Blue Team at the recent April 2023 event. The exercise gave the opportunity for key cybersecurity leaders to test and evaluate the MixMode platform in a realistic environment, enabling them to see first-hand the power of a no-rules, Third Wave AI cybersecurity platform.

Participants in this exercise encounter a range of challenges, including critical infrastructure vulnerabilities, advanced persistent threats, and malware outbreaks. These scenarios test the teams on their ability to swiftly detect, analyze, and mitigate cyber incidents, emphasizing the need for rapid decision-making and threat identification, detection and response. The pressure-cooker environment of the exercise ensures that participants experience the intensity and urgency associated with real-world cyberattacks.

Using MixMode, the United States Blue Team was able to:

  • See the attack stages, tracking setup to recon to initial infiltration by gaining access to the systems from lateral movement to data exfiltration.
  • See when the blue team shut down access to the adversary and then detected once again the attack stages.
  • Give 40+ users access to the platform with no training whatsoever. 
  • Install the containerized sensor in less than 15 minutes to see data inside of the MixMode platform. A total of 20 minutes (post install) before we started to see actionable data from the MixMode AI.

This cybersecurity exercise represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle to secure the U.S. from nation-state attacks and other digital adversaries. By gathering the brightest minds from around the world and subjecting them to an array of challenging scenarios, this exercise propels the global cybersecurity community forward, fostering collaboration, innovation, and resilience. 

MixMode was incredibly proud to be a part of the United States Blue Team. As the first commercially available platform leveraging true Third Wave AI (as defined by DARPA), MixMode was able to show in a real-world scenario how we are the only cybersecurity platform to leverage a foundation model to predict known and novel attacks, including the ability to surface zero-day attacks in real-time.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, exercises like these play a crucial role in honing our collective defenses and ensuring the safety and integrity of our digital world.

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