In a recent blog post, our Head of Customer Success, Russell Gray, outlined the reasons why network data is the best source for actionable data in cybersecurity. He covered the limitations of each of the elements of a typical security stack (SIEM, Endpoint, and Firewall) and the importance of network traffic analysis (NTA) in the detection malware and cyber threat activities. 

The key to this advancement has been the inclusion of artificial intelligence and its ability to ingest and analyze the large amounts of connection data, required for comprehensive coverage of an enterprise network, create a baseline of normal activity and detect usage patterns and anomalous behavior that may be indicative of potential threats.

Russell recently sat down with our content team to share more on this topic and how MixMode can capture network traffic from each level of the security stack into a single pane of glass to allow you to start with network alerts as a jumping off point for understanding what’s going on in your environment.

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