Today we announced a small but exciting update to MixMode’s Network Traffic Analysis platform!

We have made performance and usability updates to the indicators page below:

The Indicators page has been completely re-architected for a tremendous improvement in speed and performance. I urge you to go and try it for yourself right now – you won’t believe how fast the results come back.

In addition to the search performance we also made the following changes & enhancements:

  1. We removed the default 10k record limit to give you faster access to all of your records.
  2. The record table has been refined to show you a snapshot of the details that matter..
  3. You can now search through the log properties to find the exact widget you are looking for.
  4. Clicking on the property name to now renders a preview before you add the full widget.
  5. Click on the link icon below the clipboard to be taken directly to the associated logs in Investigator.

A second exciting update was also released today: MixMode now supports SAML Single Sign On!

Users that securely authenticate to applications using Single Sign On Providers like Ping Identity, Okta, OneLogin, ActiveDirectory or any SAML supported service can now log into MixMode.

To utilize or configure single sign on, users can visit the “Tenants” page in MixMode and click the “Global SSO Configuration” button and start taking advantage of this new feature.

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