Whitepaper: Is “One-Click Remediation” Intentionally Misleading SOC Teams?

Advanced cyber threat detection platforms providing automated novel attack protection are thriving while legacy, data dependent cyber tools continue to struggle. To counteract the ever-increasing lack of customer confidence, legacy tool vendors are making increasingly bold and inaccurate claims to boost revenues. Most recently, one-click, automated remediation has emerged as a popular “click-bait” headline.

Network Traffic Analytics (NTA) vendors, those dependent on traditional rules and limited AI in particular, are struggling to compete with emerging and more effective AI technology. As a result, many are desperately trying to capitalize the mid-market’s budgetary, understaffing, and experiential deficiencies in addressing modern cyber threats.

“An average of 80% of successful breaches are new or unknown zero-day attacks. These attacks either involved the exploitation of undisclosed vulnerabilities or the use of new/polymorphic malware variants that signature-based detection solutions do not recognize.”

The Ponemon Institute – Third Annual Study on the State of Endpoint Security Risk

Geoffrey Coulehan, Head of Sales for MixMode, pens our latest whitepaper on the misleading “one-click remediation” claims that many cybersecurity tool vendors are using in the marketplace. Download this whitepaper today to learn more about:

  • Broken Promises from Cybersecurity Vendors
  • False Narratives in the Cybersecurity Tools Market
  • The Fallacy of “One-Click-Remediation”
  • Leverage Next-Gen Firewalls and Endpoint Platforms Effectively
  • Proven AI Technology to Increase the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Existing Cybersecurity Investments

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