MixMode Brings Cloud-native Real-time Threat Detection and Response to the AWS Marketplace

MixMode, the leader in delivering generative AI cybersecurity solutions for real-time threat detection and response at scale, is excited to announce the availability of our MixMode Cloud Detection and Response for AWS solution in the AWS Marketplace. This makes MixMode one of the first truly real-time, cloud-native detection and response solutions available through AWS Marketplace, highlighting the growing need for advanced threat detection and response capabilities explicitly tailored for cloud environments.

As organizations migrate more workloads and data to the cloud, they need security solutions designed for dynamic and transient cloud infrastructure. Legacy security solutions, like SIEMs, struggle to provide real-time threat detection and response in these environments due to their reliance on static rules-based correlation engines and log collection methods. 

MixMode addresses these challenges by delivering the only generative AI cybersecurity solution built on patented technology purpose-built to detect and respond to threats in real-time, at scale. MixMode’s generative AI is uniquely born out of dynamical systems (a branch of applied mathematics) and self-learns an environment without rules or training data. MixMode’s AI constantly adapts itself to the specific dynamics of an individual network rather than using the rigid legacy ML models typically found in other cybersecurity solutions.

The MixMode Platform collects and analyzes rich telemetry data across an organization’s multi-cloud, on-prem, or hybrid environment, using advanced behavioral analysis and anomaly detection capabilities to identify threats. This provides comprehensive visibility and real-time detection of attacks targeting cloud workloads, data stores, identities, and more.

With MixMode CDR for AWS, security teams gain immediate visibility into attacks to quickly investigate threats with data enriched by MixMode’s AI analytics. These capabilities make MixMode an ideal solution for organizations that need 24/7 security monitoring, detection, and response tailored for cloud environments.

“As organizations migrate mission-critical workloads to the cloud, they need security solutions that can keep up,” said John Keister, CEO at MixMode. “The MixMode Platform gives customers frictionless deployment and immediate time-to-value from a cloud-native platform that doesn’t rely on outdated security methods. Being available on AWS Marketplace will allow more customers to harness the power of MixMode’s capabilities through the convenience of AWS.”

Securing Cloud Environments

Public clouds provide tremendous advantages for business agility, scalability, and reducing hardware costs. But these environments also pose unique security challenges, including:

  • Dynamic environments:- Cloud workloads, configurations, and traffic patterns change frequently based on usage. Traditional tools with static views of the environment fail to adapt in real-time.
  • Shared responsibility: Public cloud providers secure the underlying infrastructure, while customers must secure workloads and data. This shifts security duties to cloud users.
  • Perimeterless networks: Workloads communicate across regions, accounts, and cloud providers over fluid networks. Legacy tools relying on static network perimeters cannot operate effectively.
  • Ephemeral infrastructure: Cloud workloads provision, run, and shut down rapidly. This makes monitoring and forensic analysis difficult compared to persistent on-premises assets.

Capability Gaps of Traditional Security Tools

Given these challenges, traditional security tools often suffer from significant capability gaps when used in the cloud:

  • Limited visibility: Firewalls, IDS, and SIEM have constrained views into events and asset communications across dynamic cloud networks. This leads to blind spots.
  • Detection gaps: Rules-based security tools miss many threats in the cloud that don’t match predefined signatures. Adaptive and behavior-based analytics are required.
  • Alert fatigue – The volume of security alerts generated from the cloud quickly overwhelms security teams. Improved analytics to highlight genuine threats are needed.
  • Slow response – Without automation, orchestrating and executing responses across cloud environments is time-intensive. This allows dwell time for attackers.
  • Deployment friction – Appliance-based tools don’t integrate natively with cloud environments, creating deployment and maintenance challenges.

The Limits of Traditional Security in the Cloud

The unique properties of cloud environments often render traditional security tools ineffective. 

Organizations must understand that shifting traditional tools fall short of meeting the security demands of a dynamic cloud infrastructure when evaluating security options for the cloud.

These factors make cloud environments fundamentally different to secure compared to traditional on-prem environments, emphasizing the need for purpose-built security solutions for the cloud – which MixMode delivers.

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Download our eBook here to learn more about the key differences between

traditional tools and native-cloud security solutions.

Adopting Cloud-Native Cloud Security

The limitations of traditional tools underline why organizations need to evolve their security strategies and adopt cloud-native solutions built specifically for cloud environments, including:

  • Cloud-native analytics: Collecting and analyzing event data across cloud environments to detect hidden threats using behavioral analysis and anomaly detection techniques.
  • Automated actions: Activating automated investigation and threat-hunting activities that free up analysts to focus on remediation issues immediately after validating threats.
  • Frictionless deployment: Delivering security from the cloud to avoid appliance-based models while integrating seamlessly across cloud platforms.
  • Unified capabilities: Consolidating point capabilities into unified platforms for detection, monitoring, compliance, and response across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The cloud’s unique security demands make traditional tools inadequate for complete protection. Organizations must seek purpose-built solutions that match cloud environments’ dynamic nature. With the right approach, companies can make the cloud uprising while ensuring their critical assets and data remain secure.

Why MixMode is the Best Solution 

The MixMode Platform delivers the real-time detection and response capabilities required for cloud-native security, including:

  • Broad telemetry collection: Ingests and analyzes asset, identity, network, and cloud data across customers’ on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments.
  • Generative AI-powered threat detection: Behavioral analytics and anomaly detection detect hidden threats that rules-based systems miss. 
  • Automated investigation and guided response: Guided response capabilities and integrated MITRE ATT&CK Framework help neutralize attacks quickly and effectively.
  • Cloud-native architecture: Deploys and scales easily across single, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.
  • Frictionless deployment: Get up and running in minutes with no professional services or lengthy implementation process required.

This combination of real-time, cloud-native threat detection and AI-driven analytics allows MixMode Cloud Detection and Response for AWS to detect and stop sophisticated cloud threats that routinely evade traditional security products.

As cloud adoption accelerates, organizations need security solutions built specifically for these environments. MixMode gives customers leading detection and response capabilities across their AWS Cloud deployments through a single cloud-native platform. The availability of MixMode on AWS Marketplace makes it even easier for AWS customers to add MixMode into their security stack to benefit from advanced cloud threat detection and response.

Click here to learn more about deploying MixMode through AWS Marketplace.

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