Reaching New Heights: MixMode’s 2023 Year in Review

At MixMode, our passion for cybersecurity innovation drives everything we do. As we reflect on the past year, we have a lot to celebrate in terms of accomplishments that moved our business,  customers, and partners forward. 

Let’s dive into some of our key successes for 2023, as we get ready to go even further in 2024.

Detection Redefined

At its core, MixMode’s mission is to consistently deliver the most Advanced AI Real-Time Threat Detection and Response at Scale to help organizations effortlessly secure their environments against sophisticated attacks. As attacks grow more advanced, with the latest analysis showing 80% of successful security breaches were enabled by novel attack techniques rather than known vulnerabilities or misconfigurations alone,  innovation was more important than ever in staying ahead of threat actors’ latest tactics, techniques, and procedures. Throughout 2023, MixMode focused on taking our threat detection capabilities to the next level, helping organizations to detect those novel, never-before-seen attacks across any data environment. 

A few notable MixMode novel attack detections included: 

  • Advanced Ransomware Detection: The MixMode Platform triggered a high priority alert for a customer indicating abnormal outbound traffic that warranted further investigation. Within seconds, another high-priority alert was triggered, signaling the abnormal traffic had escalated to data exfiltration associated with Emotet.  Missed by the customer’s endpoint and firewall solutions, the MixMode Platform allowed security teams to quickly eradicate the threat before any damage could occur. 
  • Identity Attack Detection: The MixMode Platform detected multiple occurrences of anomalous user activity. By identifying multiple events missed by the organization’s IAM, MixMode detected the identity-based threat, enabling security teams to  prevent the risk of unauthorized access that could have posed a serious risk to the organization.
  • Advanced Malware Detection: The MixMode Platform detected a high level of Inbound and outbound connections leading to unknown foreign IP addresses indicating a cyber threat.  Upon Investigation, MixMode found an NTP Query request to an unauthorized source that involved outbound Active Directory activity to China through the customer’s firewall and related inbound activity from a source in Russia. Missed by the customers firewall, the MixMode Platform provided analysts the intelligence required to shut down the communication and rectify the misconfigurations in their environment. 

Technology Innovation

Throughout 2023, MixMode advanced its technology to help organizations maximize their security investments and improve their cybersecurity defenses against increasingly sophisticated threats. 2023 Technology Innovation highlights included:

  • Strengthening of our Advanced AI Threat Detection Platform included new features that drive threat detection and response capabilities in large data environments, expanded cloud data ingestion capabilities, including support for the ingestion of identity data, integrations with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, and expanded deployments across cloud environments.
  • We launched MixMode Identity Threat Detection and Response, delivering elite detection, transparent context, and guided response for identity-based threats targeting Okta and its connected infrastructure. 
  • Enhanced SOC Effectiveness, giving customers greater visibility into their digital attack surface, improved investigation capabilities, and increased customization options.

Channel Momentum

It was a great year of momentum for MixMode and our channel-first approach. Together, MixMode and our expanding partner community had a record year, fulfilling the growing demand for MixMode solutions that bolster cybersecurity defenses across complex data environments. Successes included: 

  • We launched our Paradigm Partner Program and Partner Portal,  providing our global partners access to MixMode’s Advanced AI Threat Detection and Response Platform
  • The MixMode Platform was made available on the AWS Marketplace delivering unified visibility and cloud-native real-time threat detection across cloud, hybrid, and network infrastructures.
  • With our partners, we streamlined the procurement process, bringing MixMode’s full range of solutions directly to qualified buyers in both the government and commercial sectors including GSA AdvantageSEWP, Naspo ValuePoint, TIPS, and OMNIA Partners

Customer Success

The success and growth of our customers is what gets us excited to come to work each day. As we reflect on 2023, we are filled with pride over what our customers have achieved. Helping our customers  grow and accomplish their goals will always be our passion.

  • In 2023 MixMode significantly expanded the Customer Success Team with additional support provided by Engineering, Product, SE, and our Operations teams. 
  • Our key areas of focus are in delivering world class customer satisfaction and innovation, measured by continued customer adoption and expansion.
  • The CS Team is proud to have concluded the year by successfully addressing customer deployment and expansion requirements including project scoping, documentation, and custom functionality enhancements, with accuracy, professionalism, and ahead of schedule.

Industry Recognition

MixMode was honored to receive various honors and acknowledgments in 2023.  The industry accolades, awards, and acknowledgements means so much and inspires us to aim even higher each year.

Business Growth

MixMode continues to focus on delivering differentiated solutions that help enterprise organizations effectively defend against today’s sophisticated attacks. We are thankful to our customers and partners for their trust and loyalty in choosing MixMode to enhance their threat detection capabilities for known and novel attacks and contributing to our success.  A few highlights:

  • MixMode grew significantly year-over-year
  • Demand for the MixMode Platform across Government and Fortune 500 enterprises was at an all time high
  • The MixMode family nearly doubled in headcount

MixMode is so grateful to our employees, customers and partners for inspiring us every day. Our 2023  achievements would not be possible without their partnership and support. As we enter 2024, we are energized to keep innovating and take our performance, productivity, and progress to new levels. Wishing everyone a successful new year. We can’t wait to share what’s next!

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