Ana Mezic

Wire Data: What is it Good For?

Today’s security and IT teams are increasingly relying on wire data to better secure their networks. A recent report conducted by network performance and security monitoring vendor VIAVI revealed that more network teams than ever consider wire data the most important data source when confronting security incidents.

Generative Unsupervised Learning vs. Discriminative Clustering Technology: Which Prevents Zero-Day Attacks?

Knowing the difference between Discriminative and Generative Unsupervised Learning can tell you a lot about the effectiveness of a cybersecurity solution’s artificial intelligence, for example, whether or not that security solution can perform actions like identifying and stopping a zero-day attack.

Turning the Unsupervised Tables on the Turing Test

Unsupervised artificial intelligence, also known as context-aware or third-wave AI, is notoriously difficult to explain because there lacks an appropriate test to understand just how powerful the intelligence is. The widely known Turing Test for AI testing is no longer the right framework for modern-day AI testing.

Silicon Valley Needs to Step up Their Security: This Week in AI

Silicon Valley Has Let Its Cybersecurity Guard Down According to an article by Brian O’Keefe for Fortune Magazine, Silicon Valley isn’t paying enough attention when it comes to threats posed by state-sponsored hackers. At least, that was the conclusion a group of cybersecurity experts came to in a discussion at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo., on …

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