Cybersecurity using AI

Why The Future of Cybersecurity Needs Both Humans and AI Working Together

A recent WhiteHat Security survey revealed that more than 70 percent of respondents cited AI-based tools as contributing to more efficiency. More than 55 percent of mundane tasks have been replaced by AI, freeing up analysts for other departmental tasks.

Our Top 5 Cybersecurity Insights from 2019

This year on the MixMode blog, we have covered headline stories, analyzed every pain point within network security, and shared what we believe to be some of the most innovative solutions to help you analyze network traffic, surface threats and anomalies, and stop attacks using autonomous AI.

Case Study: MixMode AI Detects Attack not Found on Threat Intel

In October, 2019 a MixMode customer experienced an incident where an external entity attacked a web server located in their DMZ, compromised it, and then pivoted internally through the DMZ to attempt access of a customer database. While the attacker was successful in penetrating the customer’s network, MixMode was able to detect the event before they were successful in penetrating the customer database.

Turning the Unsupervised Tables on the Turing Test

Unsupervised artificial intelligence, also known as context-aware or third-wave AI, is notoriously difficult to explain because there lacks an appropriate test to understand just how powerful the intelligence is. The widely known Turing Test for AI testing is no longer the right framework for modern-day AI testing.

Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence: This Week in AI

What’s the difference between ML and AI in Cybersecurity? Many don’t understand how AI works in terms of cybersecurity, despite most agreeing that it is necessary to implement it going forward. According to a recent survey by Webroot, nearly 75 percent of IT professionals stated they intend to incorporate more artificial intelligence (AI) solutions into their cybersecurity …

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Do we need AI in CYbersecurity? This Week in AI

Artificial Intelligence is Fundamental to the Future of Cybersecurity According to a 2019 SME Cyber Security Report by Senseon, eighty-one percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial to the state and future of cybersecurity. Key findings in the report include: 88% of SMEs have a dedicated security budget 53% think an …

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