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MixMode Launches Advanced AI-Powered Attack Detection Prioritization  

By Karen Buffo | April 16, 2024

MixMode today announced enhancements to the MixMode Platform aimed at reducing risk and empowering security teams. Featured enhancements include AI-powered threat prioritization that combines MixMode’s patented AI with known indicators of compromise and customer domain knowledge.

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Unlocking the Power of True AI: MixMode’s Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solution

By Joe Ariganello | April 11, 2024

We have now reached the Third wave of AI: Contextual Reasoning. This revolutionary approach, pioneered by MixMode in cybersecurity, utilizes self-supervised and explainable AI to independently learn and adapt without reliance on rules or training data.

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Zero-Day Attacks on the Rise: Google Reports 50% Increase in 2023

By Joe Ariganello | April 9, 2024

There’s bad news and not-so-bad news in the world of cybersecurity. In a recent report, Google revealed a significant rise in zero-day attacks, those exploiting previously unknown software vulnerabilities. However, despite the increase, there’s a silver lining.

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Navigating the Maze: A Measured Approach to AI Adoption in Cybersecurity

By Joe Ariganello | April 2, 2024

While a significant portion (53%) of respondents acknowledge their organization’s early-stage adoption of AI, only 18% report full deployment into integrated security programs. This cautious approach reflects the need for careful planning and implementation to ensure AI enhances, rather than hinders, security posture.

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MixMode Garners Spot in 2024 CRN® Partner Program Guide

By Karen Buffo | March 25, 2024

MixMode has been honored by CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, with inclusion in its 2024 Partner Program Guide. The annual guide is the definitive listing of the most rewarding partner programs from leading technology vendors that provide products and services through the IT channel. Those named to the exclusive annual listing assist channel partners in locating the IT vendors that best match their individual business needs and goals.

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The AI Advantage: Mitigating the Security Alert Deluge in a Talent-Scarce Landscape

By Joe Ariganello | March 21, 2024

The cybersecurity landscape is under siege. Organizations are bombarded by a relentless barrage of security alerts, often exceeding a staggering 22,111 per week on average. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool to manage this overwhelming volume, its effectiveness isn’t without limitations, as vendors flood the market with false advertising and promises.

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MixMode Included on Forbes’ America’s Best Startup Employers 2024 List

By Karen Buffo | March 19, 2024

MixMode has been recognized on the Forbes list of America’s Best Startup Employers 2024. This prestigious award is presented by Forbes and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider. The awards list, announced in March 2024, highlights the top 500 startup companies nationwide and can be viewed on the Forbes’ website.

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The Evolving Threat Landscape: Why AI is Essential for Cybersecurity Success

By Joe Ariganello | March 14, 2024

This week, we’re looking into how the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly altered the threat landscape, introducing challenges and opportunities for organizations seeking to safeguard their data and infrastructure.

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Unveiling The Applications and Distinctions of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

By Joe Ariganello | March 12, 2024

The terms “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” are frequently used in cybersecurity, often interchangeably, leading to confusion about their precise meanings and applications. Both machine learning and artificial intelligence play pivotal roles in fortifying cybersecurity defenses, yet they encompass distinct methodologies and applications. What are the disparities between them? And how do these technologies converge to bolster cyber resilience?

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AI and Cybersecurity: A Rob Burgundy Investigation

By Rob Burgundy | March 7, 2024

Attention, fellow news anchors and concerned citizens! Rob Burgundy is here to tackle a story hotter than a disco inferno in polyester pants: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity. That’s right, folks. In this digital age, hackers are running rampant like greased weasels in a chicken coop, stealing our precious data faster than you can say “glass case of emotion.” But fear not, for organizations are turning to a new weapon in this cyber war: AI, the thinking machine!

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About MixMode

MixMode is a no-rules Cybersecurity platform, serving large enterprises with big data environments across a variety of industries. MixMode delivers a patented, self-learning platform that acts as the Intelligence Layer℠ to detect both known and unknown attacks, including novel attacks designed to bypass legacy cyber defenses. This is accomplished in real-time, across any cloud or on-premise data stream. Trusted by global entities in banking, public utilities and government sectors, industry cyber leaders rely on MixMode to protect their most critical assets. The platform dramatically improves the efficiency of SOC teams’ previously burdened with writing and tuning rules and manually searching for attacks. The MixMode platform can be deployed remotely, with no appliances, in under an hour with business outcomes evident within days. Backed by PSG and Entrada Ventures, the company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA. Learn more at www.mixmode.ai.