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How to Use The MixMode Platform to Discover NTLM Authentication and Validate Windows SMB Signing Requirements

By Josh Snow | June 13, 2023

NTLM (New Technology Land Manager) has been a protocol used for over 20 years, but it suffers from weak cryptography and vulnerabilities like NTLM relay attacks. In this video, we explore the implications of this change, the importance of identifying NTLM in your infrastructure, and how MixMode can help in this process.

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AI Offers Potential to Enhance The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

By Joe Ariganello | June 6, 2023

The establishment of the AI Task Force by the DHS demonstrates a commitment to harnessing the potential of AI in addressing emerging threats and safeguarding national security. By leveraging AI technology in various areas, such as supply chain integrity, countering drug trafficking, combating online child exploitation, and securing critical infrastructure, the DHS aims to stay ahead of evolving risks and protect the nation more effectively.

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RAVENii Uses MixMode Cloud Detection for AWS to Stop Insider Attack

By Joe Ariganello | June 1, 2023

RAVENii, a leading managed services provider, was launched in 2014, bringing decades of front-line experience across many cybersecurity domains; while harnessing the power of its global network of seasoned security experts to keep abreast of the ever-changing threat landscape. Today, RAVENii supports multiple organizations with its “Gray Matter” approach to cybersecurity in an unceasing effort …

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MixMode’s Key Takeaways from the 2023 Gartner® Emerging Tech: Security— Improve Threat Detection and Response With AI-Based Behavioral Indications Report

By Joe Ariganello | May 30, 2023

Gartner recently released their newest report titled “Emerging Tech: Security – Improve Threat Detection and Response With AI-Based Behavioral Indications” which covers the emergent need for new AI-Based methods of using behavioral patterns to identify threats.

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Evolving Role of the CISO: From IT Security to Business Resilience

By Geoffrey Coulehan | May 25, 2023

With more and more large organizations relying on technology to conduct business, the need for a skilled CISO has become increasingly important. No longer just overseeing IT security efforts, the CISO is now responsible for a wide range of cyber defenses from data protection to compliance and even physical security.

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Forbes Technology Council: The Cybersecurity Implications Of ChatGPT And Third Wave Generative AI Models

By Christian Wiens | May 23, 2023

Although generative models have been in development for some time, ChatGPT’s public release has raised important questions about the nature of these models, their potential impact, and their role in fields like cybersecurity. To understand their significance, Dr. Mezic explores the history and development of AI, distinguishes between the different waves of AI technology, and ultimately the implications for cybersecurity.

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Channeltivity: Understanding Global Channel Management

By Christian Wiens | May 18, 2023

Simply put, global channel management is about enabling, co-selling, and co-marketing with customers in international markets.

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Balancing Security Spend and Business Priorities

By Christian Wiens | May 16, 2023

A more holistic approach that encompasses oversight of critical apps, data, and processes related to business function could reduce risk while saving money, according to a recent CIO article. In other words, shifting from a risk assessment approach that primarily focuses on IT systems to a more business-oriented approach can help companies uncover cost savings while improving their overall security posture.

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MixMode Selected to CyberTech100 List of Technology Innovators Delivering Breakthrough Cybersecurity Solutions to Financial Institutions

By Laurie Scholl | May 10, 2023

MixMode, the only self-supervised AI-based real-time, risk detection platform in cybersecurity, announced today its selection for the fourth annual CyberTech100 list of transformational cybersecurity companies that financial institutions need to know about.

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Persistent Ransomware Attacks on Cities Underscores Need to Upgrade to Real-Time Threat Visibility

By Christian Wiens | May 9, 2023

Municipalities, in particular, are increasingly being targeted by ransomware attackers. A recent report showed that ransomware attacks on local governments increased by 70% for 34-58% of those surveyed, and that those attacks were more expensive than ever, with five- and six-digit ransom demands becoming the norm.

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