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MixMode Platform Release: New Executive Summary Dashboard

By Russell Gray | February 10, 2022

The MixMode Executive Summary Dashboard provides the necessary information and continuous access to critical details that CISO’s and other cybersecurity leaders need to see on a weekly and monthly basis to understand the health of their cybersecurity program.

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MixMode Platform Update: Support for Google Cloud

By Chris Hinshaw | August 20, 2020

MixMode is proud to release our platform sensor for Google Cloud! With this capability, customers can now monitor their Google Cloud infrastructure for security anomalies and zero-day attacks, using the same industry-recognized MixMode platform enterprises already use for on-premise security monitoring, Amazon Web Services monitoring, and Microsoft Azure monitoring.

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Supporting Cybersecurity Programs throughout the Covid-19 Crisis

By Christian Wiens | April 28, 2020

Companies of all shapes and sizes are under siege from a cybersecurity perspective as we navigate the waters of the Covid-19 crisis. As enterprises adjust to a work-from-home population that grew from 20% to greater than 80% of employees almost overnight, CISOs must navigate a radical change in the shape of their corporate networks, and …

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New Video: Does MixMode work in the cloud, on premise, or in hybrid environments?

By Christian Wiens | April 14, 2020

As enterprises establish their custom hybrid environments, many security departments are realizing that while they have many sophisticated tools on the on-premise corporate traffic side, they don’t have the same level of visibility of their cloud traffic.

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MixMode Raises $4 Million in Series A Round Led by Entrada Ventures

By Christian Wiens | April 7, 2020

Today we announced the completion of our Series A round of funding, raising a total of $4 million led by Entrada Ventures. The round included participation from existing investors including Keshif Ventures and Blu Venture Investors. The new funding will be used to expand MixMode’s AI-powered network traffic analytics platform and to fuel the growth of our worldwide network of customers and partners.

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In Case You Missed It: MixMode Integrations of 2020

By Christian Wiens | March 26, 2020

Our engineering team has been working hard to deliver on the promise that MixMode offers a heterogeneous, “single pane of glass” view and analysis into multiple kinds of workloads.

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Integrating MixMode with DeepInstinct

By Chris Hinshaw | March 12, 2020

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise security teams today is information overload created by massive tool sprawl. Many security teams are forced to utilize upwards of 40-50 security tools to monitor their environment which is leading to an overabundance of alerts. Recent reports showed that security analysts on average ignore up to 30% of …

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MixMode Now Supports Amazon VPC Flow logs

By Bryan Elliot | February 25, 2020

We’re excited to announce the general availability of support for Amazon Web Services’ VPC Flow Logs, in the MixMode platform! MixMode prides itself in offering a heterogeneous, “single pane of glass” view and analysis into multiple kinds of workloads, including both On-Premise and Cloud workloads.

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Using the MixMode query language to integrate with splunk

By Troy Molsberry | February 4, 2020

Integrating MixMode with Splunk provides immediate AI based decision making to your organization. This results in fewer alerts, and more actionable data for analysts to consume.

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Don’t Fall for the Hype – Marketing Myths in Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

By Christian Wiens | December 10, 2019

The cybersecurity provider landscape is cluttered with impossible claims, misrepresentations, and a confusing mix of inconsistent terminology. Worse, every minute you delay making a decision is another minute hackers have to gain access and knowledge about your network.

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About MixMode

MixMode is the first to bring a third-wave, context-aware AI approach that automatically learns and adapts to dynamically changing environments. MixMode’s monitoring platform, PacketSled, better understands network behavior as it adapts to baseline changes and enables both misuse detection and anomaly detection, as well as predictive maintenance. Used by enterprises and MSSPs for real-time network analysis, threat hunting and incident response, the platform leverages continuous stream monitoring and retrospection to provide network forensics and security analytics. Security teams can integrate PacketSled into their orchestration engine, SIEM, or use PacketSled independently to dramatically reduce false positive alerts and the resources required to respond to persistent threats, malware, insider attacks and nation state espionage efforts.

The company has been named an innovator in leading publications and by security analysts, including SC Magazine, earning a finalist award in 2018 and 2019 for "Best Computer Forensic Solution.” Based in Santa Barbara, with offices in San Diego, the company is backed by Keshif Ventures and Blu Venture Investors. For case studies, continuous product updates and industry news, please visit us at www.mixmode.ai.