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MixMode 6.1.8 Investigator – Massive Data, Optimum Performance

By Mark Pfaff | October 8, 2019

When revisiting Mixmode API eliminating data over-fetching was one of the key areas that we focused on for our 6.1.8 release.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Business from Zero-Day Attacks

By Christian Wiens | October 3, 2019

Zero-day attacks cost businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue and recovery costs and can cripple a company that is not prepared to respond decisively and effectively.

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Why Unsupervised Machine Learning is the Future of Cybersecurity

By Ana Mezic | October 1, 2019

Not all Artificial Intelligence is created equal. As we move towards a future where we lean on cybersecurity much more in our daily lives, it’s important to be aware of the differences in the types of AI being used for network security.

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The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Network Security

By Christian Wiens | September 26, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are often used interchangeably when discussing developments in deep learning. However, there is an important difference between the two that network security professionals will need to understand in order to serve their clientele effectively.

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Unsupervised AI as a Service: Predictive Intelligence for Cybersecurity

By John Keister, CEO | September 24, 2019

The cybersecurity industry is in need of a massive shakeup. Rules-based software has created an exponential increase in false positive security alerts and zero-day threats are on the rise.

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Anomaly Detection with Unsupervised AI in MixMode: Why Threat Intel Alone is Not Enough

By Russell Gray | September 18, 2019

In the face of intelligent cyber threats, the best defense is to supplement traditional methods with anomaly detection through unsupervised artificial intelligence (AI).

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Improvements to MixMode’s PQL: Packetsled Query Language

By Troy Molsberry | September 12, 2019

Packetsled Query Language (PQL) addresses the need of analysts to ask questions from large amounts of data without being forced to learn a complicated query language. It is a simple, intuitive expression language that lets users focus on finding what they need quickly.

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False Positives and Negatives: The Plague of Cybersecurity Software

By Christian Wiens | September 11, 2019

Whether your network analysts are spending too much time on false positives or neglecting to recognize false negatives, when actual cyber threats go unnoticed, fear not. Here are 4 ways to combat false positives and negatives in your network security program.

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Weekly AI in Cybersecurity News

A third of experts predict cybersecurity won’t need human decision-makers within a decade: This Week in AI

By Ana Mezic | September 6, 2019

Recent cybersecurity news, trends, and highlights and how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the industry.

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How MixMode’s AI Builds Your Network’s Baseline

By Dr. Igor Mezic | September 5, 2019

Mixmode’s platform utilizes third-wave, context-aware AI to inform the user of threats (including Zero-Day, and encrypted traffic) on their network, and reduces the rate of false positives in intel and alerts consistently by 90% or more.

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About MixMode

MixMode is the first to bring a third-wave, context-aware AI approach that automatically learns and adapts to dynamically changing environments. MixMode’s monitoring platform, PacketSled, better understands network behavior as it adapts to baseline changes and enables both misuse detection and anomaly detection, as well as predictive maintenance. Used by enterprises and MSSPs for real-time network analysis, threat hunting and incident response, the platform leverages continuous stream monitoring and retrospection to provide network forensics and security analytics. Security teams can integrate PacketSled into their orchestration engine, SIEM, or use PacketSled independently to dramatically reduce false positive alerts and the resources required to respond to persistent threats, malware, insider attacks and nation state espionage efforts.

The company has been named an innovator in leading publications and by security analysts, including SC Magazine, earning a finalist award in 2018 and 2019 for "Best Computer Forensic Solution.” Based in Santa Barbara, with offices in San Diego, the company is backed by Keshif Ventures and Blu Venture Investors. For case studies, continuous product updates and industry news, please visit us at www.mixmode.ai.