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The Current State of SOC Operations Shows The Escalating Need for AI in Cybersecurity

By Joe Ariganello | February 15, 2024

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, organizations are starting to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to reinforce their security operations. But how widespread is the adoption of AI, and how effectively is it being leveraged?

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Driving Towards Zero-Days: Hackers Take Turns Uncovering Exploits at Pwn20wn

By Joe Ariganello | January 30, 2024

Hackathon events like Pwn2Own Automotive 2024 play a crucial role in shedding light on zero-day attacks and significantly benefit security teams in several ways. These events bring together talented security researchers, ethical hackers, and industry professionals to uncover and demonstrate vulnerabilities in automotive technologies, including zero-day exploits.

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Zero Day Summer is No Vacation

By Joe Ariganello | August 24, 2023

“Zero-day Summer” refers to the period during summertime when cybercriminals take advantage of the vulnerabilities in software, applications, and computer systems that remain undetected and unpatched by security teams.

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Detecting the MOVEit Zero-Day: How MixMode AI Stays Ahead of Threats

By Josh Snow | July 27, 2023

We discuss a real-life example of a zero-day exploit, focusing on the MOVEit Transfer Software, and how MixMode can detect and mitigate such threats before they become widespread.

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A Proven Strategy For Defending Against Zero-Day Exploits And Attacks — Updated for 2023

By Christian Wiens | January 24, 2023

Zero-day attacks are considered the number one cybersecurity threat to company networks large and small. Understand what they are, why it’s so hard to detect them, and how artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to solve this modern problem.

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Webinar On Demand: Stopping Novel Attacks – Secure Your Business Against Unknown Threats

By Christian Wiens | November 8, 2022

Hosted by Mark Ehr, Senior Consulting Analyst for 451 Research Advisors and Igor Mezic, Chief Scientist and CTO for MixMode on Tuesday, November 1st at 1pm EST / 10am PST, they will discuss why security analytics needs to include advanced Third-Wave AI, which autonomously learns normal behavior and adapts to constantly changing network environments, to address the next generation of cyberthreats and increase SOC productivity.

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451 Research Finds Self-Learning Technology to Address Cybersecurity Blind Spots and Reduce Analyst Burnout

By Christian Wiens | October 12, 2022

In the report, 451 Research explains why security analytics needs to include advanced Third-Wave AI, which autonomously learns normal behavior and adapts to constantly changing network environments, to address the next generation of cyberthreats and increase SOC productivity.

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Can Your Enterprise Cybersecurity Solution Solve These Two Challenges? You May Be More Vulnerable Than You Realize

By Christian Wiens | June 16, 2022

Of all the challenges facing the modern SOC, two stand out among the most persistent and difficult to overcome: an overwhelming volume of false positive alerts and an alarming escalation in zero-day and novel threats that are often imperceptible by legacy systems.

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Zero-day Exploit Discoveries Hit Record Numbers in 2021

By Christian Wiens | May 19, 2022

The number of zero-day exploit discoveries hit record numbers in 2021, according to Google Project Zero. Instances of “in-the-wild 0-days” were up nearly double versus 2020, when only 25 0-day exploits were detected. In 2021, the total was 58.

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Local U.S. Governments and Municipalities at Risk of Foreign Nation Cyber Attacks

By Christian Wiens | April 19, 2022

Experts have warned that the Russia-Ukraine conflict poses an unprecedented cyber risk for U.S. organizations as well as State and local governments and municipalities.

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MixMode is the first to bring a third-wave, context-aware AI approach that automatically learns and adapts to dynamically changing environments. MixMode’s monitoring platform, PacketSled, better understands network behavior as it adapts to baseline changes and enables both misuse detection and anomaly detection, as well as predictive maintenance. Used by enterprises and MSSPs for real-time network analysis, threat hunting and incident response, the platform leverages continuous stream monitoring and retrospection to provide network forensics and security analytics. Security teams can integrate PacketSled into their orchestration engine, SIEM, or use PacketSled independently to dramatically reduce false positive alerts and the resources required to respond to persistent threats, malware, insider attacks and nation state espionage efforts.

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